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Which Adjustable Base is Right for Me? 

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August 2020

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Mattress Sale at Tri City Furniture in Midland, Michigan

We have been talking about different types of mattresses and learning about pressure point!  Finding the perfect bed can be tricky!

Kathy Kilbourn from TriCity Furniture in Auburn is here to tell you more. 


So, the word adjustable has become important in the world of beds.....just what makes a mattress adjustable? Are all mattresses adjustable?


  • With the rise in foam mattresses,  adjustable bases became much more popular.  Because foam mattresses are all foam with no steel components, they can be bent and not hurt the interior of the mattress.  A regular traditional innerspring mattress will not work with an adjustable base,  because the steel springs and border wires will not bend and will damage the support system of the mattress.

So why would we want to adjust our mattress up or down?


  • Just like in the hospital, being able to move the bed to a more comfortable position helps you sleep better.  Just a few inches up on the head, and a few inches up on the feet, eliminates stress on the lower back.....much like the comfort you get with a reclining chair! Adjustable bases come in every size, including twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split Queen, King, Split King and Split California King. Splits work well, if you and your partner wants to sleep at different positions!

Are there health benefits with the ability to adjust the bed?


Yes, probably the best benefit is back pain...but also acid reflex, circulation issues, and probably the best one is snoring!

You will experience less tossing and turning at night with an adjustable mattress, since your body will already be in the most comfortable possible position.

Are there any disadvantages to having an adjustable bed?


  • I have heard people say they are too expensive, but there are many more affordable bases available today.  Yes, there are many that have many features, such as massage, preset positions, timers, night lights, electronics which allow them to work off your phone, and on and on...but what you really need is that the head goes up and down and the feet go up and down!


I guess the only other issue is that you will never be comfortable at a hotel again!  Sleeping flat will not feel good once you have found your comfortable position with an electric base!

Split Queen adjustable Bed Base
Adjustable Bases for Mattresses
Beautiful Bedroom Furniture at Tri City Furniture near Midland, Michigan
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