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Pillows, Mattress Protectors and Sheets

Good Sleep is so crucial to our health! While we sleep our body strives to repair itself.

If you are not sleeping you will feel it! You need the correct pillow as well as the correct mattress.

Stomach Sleepers- You should have a Low Loft Pillow, so you don't wake with a sniff neck. 

Back Sleepers- You should have a Low to Mid Loft Pillow Depending on your body structure. As you sleep, you spine should stay in alignment so your muscles can relax and rejuvenate.

Side Sleepers- You should have a Mid to High Loft Pillow so again your neck stays in alignment. If you find yourself sleeping with your arm under your pillow to "raise" your pillow higher or if you wake with numb fingers then you should try a higher loft pillow. Also check out the Should Cut Out Pillow!  It is amazing! This pillow has a cut out so your shoulder lays flat on the bed keeping your posture correct vs being hunched inward. 

Love Essential Oils? Now add them to your Pillow!!!!

When you purchase a new mattress, make sure to pick one a mattress protector as well. You will have peace of mind that your mattress will stay ensuring your warranty.

Mattress Encasements (fully enclosed) keep dust mites, bed bugs, dead skin and sweat out of your mattress- keeping it like new vs flattening the foam due to soil.

We also carry sheets that fit. Have you noticed that mattresses keep getting taller? Are you tired of remaking the bed each night? We have sheets that fit and that will stay on. 

We have it all, because we know your time is precious and we don't want to waste it having you run around town. 


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