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Hi, I'm Jen,

I started my career in the art industry 18 years ago and have been hooked on it ever since!  Working with statuary and pottery, and then branching into graphic design has brought me to interior design and TriCity Furniture.  I treat each day as a lesson, and the more knowledge and experience that I gain only improves the outcome of my work.  I appreciate the unlimited amount of choices and ideas that are available to my clients  at Tri City Furniture!. One of my favorite parts is listening to all the different personalities, and being able to look through their eyes to view the world.  Not one individual has the same view on design and each has an unique taste and specific need for their space that is requiring furniture.   I love to have the chance to take physical needs and intertwine the desired feel to taylor a perfect personal space.  As an individual, I find I am well suited in problem solving, customer service and artistic abilities.  TriCity Furniture is the perfect fit to compliment my personality.  Each person that walks through the door has a puzzle , and I am honored to work with them to find the missing pieces and assist them in putting their puzzle together.  I would love to help you with your home furnishing needs!.

Jennnifer Whitaker designer at TriCity Furniture in Auburn Mi
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