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Water Proof LVT Flooring

Water Proof Flooring at TriCity Furniture

If you have had water issues or love the look of Hard Woods, but need something more durable then Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) may be what you are looking for.

LVT can come as a floating floor where parcel glue is only needed or as a full glue down. Some styles even "click" together and no glue is needed at all. The idea behind this is that the flooring could be disconnected or by using a heat gun - the glue releases and you could remove the flooring from the wet area completely if flooded or if damaged. Dry your floor or replace the plank that is needed.  Your floor is repaired without any additional cost.  LVT is also great when redoing a room, due to it's structure most door lengths will not have to be resized due to plank thickness. Hardwoods often are very thick and many adjustments need to be made within the space.

Find the exact style and benefits you want at Tri City Furniture. 

Select from natural woods, weathered, textile and mineral designs with creative authority, the tiles in this collection begin with a strong foundation and are built out from there with exact, pragmatic graphics. The planks finish with a UV cured wear layer that integrates silver nano anti-microbial technology – which has been proven to forbid fungal and bacterial growth. With multiple color options, wood-look tile, weathered-wood effect or you can go for the stone effect. The options within the collection are virtually endless when it comes to design capabilities, as these spirited tiles are available in different sized planks. Three favorable sizes are – 4x36 inch planks, longer and larger planks at 6x48 inches, and 18.5x18.5 inches for a traditional square-shaped application pattern.  LVT look real with key feature markings, grain rippling and distinctive edges that feels real on your feet, but unlike genuine stone or hardwood, the luxury planks and tiles are incredibly durable, and also very simple to install, clean and maintain.


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