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Colors 2014

This past year has seen a huge style change toward embracing color!

Following the lead in fashion, color has become an exciting statement in apparel. Home furnishings are also embracing this color trend, using everything from bold and bright to pastel and tonal. Rooms are taking a step out of the neutral box and making a statement!

The color world finds inspiration from:

  • Fashion

  • Design

  • Mathematics

  • Consumer moods

  • Consumer interests

  • History

  • Science

  • The natural world

One concept for 2014 color themes is the soft and screen palette, which reflects the need for balance and simplicity in life. On the opposite end, color is more opulent and vibrant, which is more energizing and implies a sense of curiosity.

Color Inspired by Travel

This palette is vibrantly colored and highly patterned designs reveal intricate attention to detail inspired by the Modernism movement, which began in the late 19th century. Evoking the worldly sophistication of finely crafted mosaics, these accents harness the power of repetition to bring a sense of history and traditional style to contemporary living environments.

Color Inspired by Nature

Flowers have inspired poetry and artistic express for centuries, possessing their own language. The ability to convey a range of sentiments and hidden meanings without uttering a single word makes these creations of nature mysterious yet accessible. Following the flow of the seasons, this energetic trend features abundant sprays of color in saturated purples and deep reds along with organic, over scaled designs and plush textures. Brilliant blooms and buds fill both traditional and modern interiors with a sense of passion and possibility.

Color Inspired by Fashion

Men no longer have a monopoly on menswear. Classic patterns and tweeds, like herringbone, hounds tooth and plaid have been reintroduced in understated designs and sleek silhouettes that are purposeful and accessible. Using tone as a common thread these designs lend themselves to layering and pattern mixing. Featuring clean, flat weave construction that mimic the natural weave of menswear cloth, along with scaled crown patterns in gray, charcoal and blues, this fresh take on a classic trend lends subtle sophistication to any living environment.

Color Inspired by Art

Reminiscent of the works of watercolor impressionists and more modern abstract artists, color, stroke and texture combine on a blank canvas to create limitless movement. Whether dreamy, pastel or abstract splashes of color that resemble paint splatter, brush strokes flow together in their own expressive way, making a personal statement that doesn’t look deliberate or like it is trying too hard. In this free spirit trend, layers of color in orange and pink merge into one another to bring artistry, originality and a hint of romantic personality to the room.

Color Inspired by History, the Golden Age

Opulence and gentility with overtones of lush decadence hint at designs that echo the extravagance of the Italian Renaissance. Luxurious yarns and fabrics in warm shades of browns with rich metallic accents are born anew to create a mood of timelessness and lavish abundance within any living environment.

Color Inspired by History, the Mid-Century Era

Bold patterns and prints, geometric shapes and lines, earth tones exaggerated with bright pops of color — these looks were the hallmarks of the ’50’s, ’60’s, and ’70’s. This era comes alive once again as playful combinations of color, shapes and forms converge in rhythmic and pulsating design to create a look that is confident and expressive. Brighter colors of yellow, lime green and tomato red add a hip and groovy vibe to any contemporary living space.

What’s your favorite inspiration? Do you have a question about how to make these color trends work in your home or office space? I’d love to hear from you. Color trends is one of my favorite topics to discuss! ~Kathy


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