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Made to Stand the Test

There is a distinct difference between the the American-made sofa and inexpensive imports.

Why? To inexpensively import sofas overseas, they arrive in crates unassembled. Assembly takes place here on shore. The product is made to be shipped and assembled vs. made to stand the test of time.

The American-made will have a solid wood frame, and the manufacturer will make sure that the wood is a hard wood that has been dried to the correct moisture level so that the frame will last without cracking or warping. The frames have corner wood supports, dowels and screws to make sure that family use will not loosen the framing for many, many years. One other thing that domestic manufacturers use is glue wherever they put wood together. The combination of corner blocks, dowels, glued and screwed makes a sofa frame last.

Once a frame is built, springs are added. There are several styles of springs used today because different springs will allow the couch to sit firmer or softer. Make sure to sit on a sofa for several minutes, just to see how well it supports you!

Once the frame and springs are in, it is moved to a level table where the fabric is put on the frame….. Piece by piece! Extra padding is added to the backs, side panels, front rail and arms to give you a more comfortable feel.

This is one major difference from the imports, as that fabric is cut and sewn completely together in the factory and not applied to the frame. The frame is sent over in pieces and then assembled when it gets off the boat. Frames are quickly put together by screwing and stapling, and then fabric is pulled over and stapled in place.

American sofas can come in hundreds of fabrics and you have lots of options because it is being made just for you! So be creative!


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