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  • Kathy Kilbourn

Getting Started with Design

If you are thinking about redoing a room in your home, you may be feeling anxiety as to how to get started!

This may be the conversation you are having with yourself…”There are so many choices! Do I pick a paint color! I looked and am not sure…..there are 80,000,000 choices ! I want to change my flooring as well. And most important, I don’t want to make a mistake as I will have to live with it for a long time!”

Let me give you a few hints that will make the process as easy as 1,2,3!

How to get started in Room Design

Pieces of Your Puzzle

Think about the permanent items in your room, such as fireplace brick or tile, tile floors or family pieces that will remain in the room. A completed room should look like everything was in the plan. You don’t want a beautiful space and a fireplace that do not work well together!

All the pieces of the room: walls, floor, furniture, fireplace, accessories, wall art, and window treatments are the pieces of the puzzle and should look like they make a beautiful picture……not pieces from 4 different puzzles! Keep these items in mind as you go through the next steps.

Find a fabric that you love.

I usually suggest some kind of print that can be used on pillows or a chair. It should have a couple of colors that you love and will give you the palette that you want your room to have. This may not be as easy as you think, but when you find it, the rest of the process becomes very simple.

Once you have this fabric, you can easily pull the other colors that you want to work with out of this print. If you want your large piece to be a solid color, find the color that matches one of the colors in the print. You can work off this print for everything else in the room! Second, you choose your flooring and third, the paint!

When picking colors, you want to make sure that you keep the colors complimentary.

If you are in warm colors like reds or greens, you want to pick a neutral that is also in warm. Warm colors have yellow in them, like the sun, and tones to a warm feel. A beige can have a yellow underlying tone and will enhance yellow based woods such as red oak or cherry.

Cool tones come across as a grey base and work well with black, white, grey and cool colors like blues. Taupe is usually a grey based beige. It was developed so that it wouldn’t show as much soil. If you put a taupe carpet with a warm bases beige, your carpet can look dirty! If you’re unsure, check with a color expert-one of our designer will be happy to help. Making a mistake here can ruin an otherwise beautiful room!

So have fun and get started!

Do you have questions about your space? Call us and we will come over and give you advise face to face.


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