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Let’s Take a Trip!

Did you ever take a vacation and not plan a thing?

You get in the car and just start driving. When you get to an intersection, you flip a coin and see if you should turn left or right! Oh, and did you bring some money or a suitcase?

This sounds like it might be a fun way to go, but if you really wanted to go see Fall color

Room Plan Design

in Vermont, you might not end up there! Although it is East and a bit North from Michigan,you need to start out South, unless ouy brought a boat!

To have the vacation of your dreams, you need to plan, check out the sights, make reservations for rooms and have a budget so that you get to the place you want to go and money enough to see what you want to see!

It Just Take a Little Planning

This is the same idea when you decorate in your home. You need to do some research and see what you want the room to look like.

Looking at magazine pictures start to give you some ideas. Then you put a plan together that consider few factors which relate to how you want to use the room? Use questions like…..

  • How many people will use the room?

  • Do you have pets?

  • Is this room for looks or for heavy use and need durable pieces?

  • Do you eat in this space?

  • Will there be a TV?

  • What is the purpose of this space?

Once you know these answers, you can create a plan that puts you on the road that will get you to the desired end…. A beautiful and comfortable room that meets your needs!

Implementing Your Plan

Many people are not able to purchase all the pieces of this plan at the same time, but if you have a plan, working it piece by piece and phasing in your vision will get you to your end result.

Just buying a piece here and there as you see something without a plan, many times ends up with some new furniture….. but the room doesn’t feel put together because of a mixture of styles and colors that do not complete that original vision!

If you take an adventure with room decorating, you may end up at Mickey’s Playhouse!

Make a plan and work the plan! You will love the trip (room)!

Do you have a plan in progress? Are you stuck with a few pieces you love, but no overall direction for your room? Unsure what to do next? Leave a comment below, or stop in and see us. We’d love to help!

And the best part, it won’t cost you a dime to consult us and get unstuck! Design advice comes with the territory at TCF because don’t want you to just buy a piece of furniture, we want you to love your room — this is our passion.

Your room or space is where you spend a majority of your time. Get started making it a comfortable and enjoyable space for you, your family, and your guests by making the right investments — whether all at once, or piece by piece.


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