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Fitting You to a Chair

Fitting the Chair to You vs. Fitting You to the Chair

A chair was always just a chair, something to sit on. Today a chair can be a lot of different things as well as many different sizes. Chairs can rock, glide, swivel, recline, lift or just sit! Plus to add additional features, each of the reclining options can be done with power. The power option allows the chair to move to your favorite position and stay there, without you having to balance it there! I love the look and the comfort of a

You need to have the chair fit you for your health

high leg chair, but when a reclining mechanism is added, many people cannot push them back. Now we have the option to add power so that it easily opens and closes. Many chairs have the buttons on the inside, making operation easy to reach.

Once the needs are determined, finding the chair is also a bit of work. Fitting a chair is like fitting a shoe. You don’t buy one pair of shoes and expect everyone in the family to wear them….comfortably! Chairs come in different heights off the floor, different seat depths and taller and shorter backs. Because our body shapes are all different, these variables need to be considered to find the perfect fit. It is best to keep your feet touching the floor as well as having back support, and if you are shorter like me, you know this isn’t easy to do!

Finding the Right Chair for you

Now, you know your needs and have found the perfect comfort to fit your leg length, the last option is to find the fabric that works. Many chairs come in solids, textures, prints and leather. American manufacturers have lots of great choices so that you can compliment your new piece to existing furniture. Knowing all your choices will allow you to find your perfect chair!


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