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Christmas Colors: Old and New

This is the time everyone thinks about decorating for the holidays. You have so many styles today to select from that it can be overwhelming. Of course, there is the traditional holiday style which is as we all know red, green and gold. But why not

Christmas Decorations

change it up a bit and do something totally unexpected? I will share some of the styles you can select from that are old school, but can be updated to reflect the look of today.

  • Blue, silver and green color tones are fun and alive. Use these by adding teal. The teal is popular today, and the green is a vibrant lime which is shocking and unexpected. You can add some of the decorations you have by blending it a bit. It lends itself to being contemporary while still being nostalgic.

  • When you see this style you usually think of Cape May, Thomas Kinkade or of the Victorian Era. I am sure you have seen it done with pale hues of pink and powder blues, soft and feminine. Add mercury glass and vintage postcards to complete the look. Bring the vintage holiday to all the senses by putting cinnamon candles and placing them in vintage tins. Before you know it, you’ll be in the holiday spirit.

  • Let’s talk about using the red and green palette to create the Country Christmas look. Go with deep reds and hunter greens in your tree ornaments and mantle garlands. Plaid bows, cinnamon sticks and oversized craft-looking ornaments really create this look. In fact, if you have little ones stop by any craft store and pick up a few DIY ornament kits. Your kids will love creating their own special ornaments to display on the tree.

Christmas is a time to celebrate so many things! Our family has many old and new traditions that we celebrate with each continuing year. Even though we enjoy repeating our family traditions, I also enjoy adding some spice and glitz to my normal routine.

Do you need help adding some new glamor to your existing decorations? Just ask, we are here to help!


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