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3 Days Left

12 Days before Christmas

By Buddy the Elf

12 days before Christmas, my elf gave to me… 12 Designer Snowflakes
11 days before Christmas, my elf gave to me…11 Piles of Pillows
10 days before Christmas, my elf gave to me…10 Lambs a Leaping (or Sleeping)
9 days before Christmas, my elf gave to me…9 Nifty Lamps
8 days before Christmas, my elf gave to me…8 Media Centers
7 days before Christmas, my elf gave to me…7 Comfy Sofas
6 days before Christmas, my elf gave to me…6 Rockin’ Recliners
5 days before Christmas, my elf gave to me…5 GOLDEN OTTOMANS
4 days before Christmas, my elf gave to me…4 Amish Chairs
3 days before Christmas, my elf gave to me…3 Fireplaces



“Good news, I saw a dog today!”

and also….we have Electric Fireplaces!!

Monday Only- Take an extra 15% off all Electric Fireplaces!
Code Word: Marshmallows

Why buy electric?

  • No Firewood Needed- That means no more chopping and storing wood, worrying about having enough supply to last through the winter or spending hard earned money to purchase more. So leave the logging to lumberjacks and cozy up next to the fireplace.

  • Zone Heating Saves– Zone heating is easy with these. Warm only the room you’re in and cut energy bills at least 10% by turning down the thermostat 10-15% Gas and wood burning fireplaces actually work opposite of zone heating, creating a draft effects when lit that pulls heat out of the home. Digital thermostat can automatically regular room temperature as well.

  • Efficiency- The LED bulbs used to create our realistic flame effects have a normal lifespan up to 100,000 hours and consumes far less energy than regular incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs contain no mercury, thereby helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Producing approximately 90% less heat than an incandescent bulb, the LED bulb stays cool to the touch.

  • Safer than Ever– No exposed flames, dangerous pilot lights or flammable gas; and the front glass panel stays cool to the touch and have the safest plugs available. (Babies and Grandmothers around the world all say, “Thank You!”) Electric fireplaces also provide safe, MOIST air! No more dry lips, hair static and chapped skin due to dry air.

  • Air Quality– No soot or ash is produced by any of our fireplaces; just warm, fresh air. Allergy and asthma sufferers can warm the air they breathe without worrying about producing hazardous pollutants and irritants.

  • Ease of Use– Our electric fireplaces require no venting or gas lines and features easy to use controls with remote. Just plug into any standard 120V.

  • Style and Ambiance– From the fine furniture finishes on our hardwood constructed mantels, to the realistic flame effect of our electric fireplace inserts, style is in every step we take. Have a gentle flickering flame and roaming fire with the touch of a button; 5 colors, 5 speeds, 5 brightness settings!

  • TV Stand on Steroids

  • A/V hookups on back allow media components to be ran directly through the unit.

  • 300 watt sound bar, with 4 main speakers, two tweeters, powered sub woofer and rear facing passive bass ports

  • Bluetooth Wireless audio streaming

  • Manual control panel allows you to control audio playback, volume and clock settings


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