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10 Days Left

12 Days Before Christmas

by Buddy the Elf

12 days before Christmas, my elf gave to me….12 Designer Snowflakes
11 days before Christmas, my elf gave to me…11 Piles of Pillows
10 days before Christmas, my elf gave to me…10 Lamps a Leaping (or Sleeping)

10 days!!! Can you believe it? 10 days!! And Santa will come!!

“I know him!”

Well, since we only have a few more days before Santa comes, we need to make every

Buddy the Elf sleeping on iComfort

moment count. You cannot do that, if you are not getting a good night’s sleep. Is it time for a new bed? Are you tossing and turning or is your partner tossing and turning and you feel every bit of it?

Serta mattresses are the ONLY mattresses endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation!

Serta has 5 elements that take the confusion out of buying a new mattress. Come in and see us and we promise to make this process easy for you! We have more than 15 models on our floor, ready for you to take a snooze on.

And RIGHT NOW, if you purchase a Serta iComfort you also get a 32″ LED HDTV with!

Merry Christmas to YOU!

We also carry Mattress protective covers- that are liquid proof. Did you know that if your new mattress gets a stain on it of any kind the warranty becomes void! Really! We don’t make the rules, but we want your mattress to be protective the full extended life of it. These covers protect in all situations- accidents from little ones, coffee or hot cocoa spills in bed, or even if the roof leaks! If the cover does not work, the company will purchase your next bed!

Sounds like peace of mind to me!

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