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7 Days Before

12 Days Before Christmas

By Buddy the Elf

12 days before Christmas my elf gave to me… 12 Designer Snowflakes

11 days before Christmas my elf gave to me…11 Piles of Pillows

10 days before Christmas my elf gave to me…10 Lamps a Leaping (or sleeping)

9 days before Christmas my elf gave to me…9 Nifty Lamps

8 days before Christmas my elf gave to me…8 Media centers

7 days before Christmas my elf gave to me… 7 Comfy Sofas

(Check back with us tomorrow to learn the next verse and see where Buddy ends up!)

“We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy

Buddy the Elf on a Comfortable Sofa

corns and syrup.”

Have your little elves been eating on your sofa and couch? Did they forget to bring a napkin with them and instead used the sofa’s arm?
Have your big elves been “plopping” on the couch? Can you see where they sit even after they are gone? Can you hear the squeak of springs as they return?
Are you embarrassed to have guests over for the New Year? Do you feel as if your room just doesn’t “fit” together?
Or are you getting a new TV and wall unit for Christmas and really wish you had a reclining sofa or sectional that would allow you to lay-back and relax as you enjoy it?

There are many reasons that it might be time to try a comfy sofa!

We definitely have more than 7 to try too! Come in and work with one of our consults to find which one is the right fit for your family. We have some currently on the the floor that are less than $500.

And did you know that you can customize here at TriCity?

Yes, we specialize in American Made Furniture.

We what to support our great country and in doing so, we are able to have a voice in the making process.

Who likes..”What you see is what you get!” – NO ONE!

We have over 6,000 fabrics and we will help you design and put together a look that will erg you to have a New Year party!

Take an extra 15% off all recliners TODAY ONLY! – Code Word: Papa Elf

Come get your Comfy on!


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