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If Your Clothes Could Talk...

Look at what you are wearing right now.

The colors you wear tell a lot about what colors you like. Most likely you will be most comfortable in a room involving your favorite color!

Are you wearing…

Cool- predominantly blue undertones- These pair nicely with sea shades, as well as

We can help you pick the right paint colors

frosty purples, pinks, fresh greens, berry reds, cool grays and crisp white.

Warm- rich, earthy shades of red, orange, yellow, green and brown- These colors make golden undertones look radiant. The same holds for peach, coral, and red violet. Warm grays like mushroom or taupe work well together too.

Neutrals- Puts the whole rainbow in play. You may choose softened shades such as sherbet, muted raspberry, creamsicle, lemon, lavender or even ultra brights colors like magenta and electric blue.

Lets Break Down Thoughts About Colors

  • red- the color that stops traffic-proving to show an assertive disposition

  • Red is forecaster to be the color of the year. Pantone, Color Marketing Group and Sherwin-Williams all agree that red will take center stage in home decor 2015. Red shows the “Strength, confidence and stability that people are feeling today in America.” according to the Home Furnishings Alliance. Designers are suggesting to introduce red in small ways such as pillows and accessories.

  • pink- this tempered red has a tranquilizing effect leading towards romantic, gentle and sweet

  • yellow- evocative of sunshine and roaring fires, shining cheerfulness and energy

  • orange- the child of yellow and red takes on the traits of both colors, but with less intensity- enthusiastic and warm

  • green- a wide open field, serene and balanced with warm and cool tones. It suggests stability and approach-ability

  • purple- a less common pick, unconventional and creative, associated with royalty and elegance

  • brown- this rustic color denotes a down to earth attitude, being relaxed, but also reliable and responsible

  • black- strength, seriousness and sophistication (the proverbial little black dress), mysterious and sexy

  • white- orderly and fastidious, as well as a blank slate or a breath of fresh air

  • gray- reminiscent of stone, projects coolness and composure, being a rock that others rely on

For more help, come visit us! We are happy to walk you through the design process.


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