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Mohawk Smart Strand

Extra, Extra, Read all about it!

Don’t believe us that Mohawk Smart Strand is the best carpet on Earth, then check out these videos and events and see for yourself!

2009: Mohawk put Smart Strand to the test by installing the carpet in the home of Ricko the Rhino

2010: Mohawk took the challenge of the Dallas Zoo to prove that no animal can outmatch the durability and stain resistance of Smart Strand

2011: Mohawk took the challenge of the Family Circle Cup and proved that active families are no match for Smart Strand Carpet

2012: Mohawk search the country for the Messiest Kids to challenge the carpet.

2013: Mohawk went on the road to 12 Food Festivals with a License to Spill to see if anyone could stain the carpet

2014: Mohawk installed Smart Strand onto the Puppy Bowl X field to show that household pets are no match for Smart Strand

2015: Smart Strand went against Tough Mudder, the dirtiest of all challenges yet!

Tested and Proven!
An extraordinary carpet proven through extraordinary challenges! Over the last 10 years, Smart Strand has proven itself in over 7 million homes. It has also endured some of the most extraordinary challenges in the history of carpet.
Come touch and feel it today! A great, great product with a great low price!

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