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Tiny House

Most of us now a days do not have a Precious Moment collections or a curio filled with something. If we collect anything, it is Apps on our phone or ipad. If this is true about you, you are not alone. Reported by the National Association of Home Builders, single-family homes this year are expected to be around 2,152 square feet, down 10% from 2010. Maybe this is because of the emerging interest on Tiny Homes from HGTV, but maybe it is also due to a larger movement to downsize living space. We all know that traditional home ownership is a financial challenge. Jobs, culture, entertainment and

Electric Sofa Sleeper by Norwalk Furniture

peers are what is important to Millennials, and these items seem to be moving back into the city where space is limited. The Urban Land Institute tells that this target audience for micro-dwelling is under 30 years of age, but I am sure you can name a number of individuals who are past that age that also want to downsize their belongings and homes. These smaller dwellings require new thinking about how items and furniture will fit within the home and how individuals will interact with them. Many items are required to have duel (or more) purposes. Maybe a slightly smaller sofa that easily moves into a bed or a bed that folds up into a desk and work space. If that sofa can also have cup holders or a table that fold out of it, even better. Extra storage in hidden spaces is always nice. Smaller scale tables, chairs or bookshelves that take up less space, but still provide appropriate living space are also needed.


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