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How to Set Up a Room

How To Set Up and Design Your Room

If you have ever asked yourself, “How do I set up this room?”

Keep reading, because you are not alone!

Do you have on your Wish List a new living room or bedroom set? Do you wish you could rearrange your room or is it even worse…Do you wish you had a sledge hammer to blow out a wall? Have you tried and can not get the pieces to flow how you hope for? Maybe you have even talked your husband , best friend or kids into helping you move things around, but then had them move it right back to where you started, because you became frustrated.

Well, we can help!

Room Planning is not a difficult skill to learn, but it is a skill.

Blueprints for room design

We have always offered free home consulting when you are thinking of redoing your home, because yes, we want you to love your furniture, BUT we really want you to love how it fits and feels within your home. I was just called last week by a family who was wants to build and they actually want to create a room plan before they meet with a builder, because they have had rooms that were frustrating to set up in the past. Very Smart family! Builders do not always think of day to day life or where would be the best place for a fireplace or TV.

Don’t be frustrated by room design and room planning!

We will come over and measure your space and talk about how you or who ever is using the room actually wants to use it. How many people do you want to entertain in the room? How many focal points are in the room? What items and pieces are staying in the room? There are so many questions to consider that we make sure we know what you want before setting up your room. Most of these questions we don’t even ask, but find through listening to the just regular, get to know you conversation.

If you are thinking of redoing a room, start thinking about these above questions. Take a few pictures on your phone or do a little measuring before you head over. This way we can give you more accurate advice to what will work best for you.

If any of what I just listed still gives you a headache, just call us 989-662-4446 and we can set up a time ASAP and come over and get the process started for you. Don’t be frustrated by design, we will help you know what to do!


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