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Area Rugs

Create a New Room

Area Rugs are something easy to change the look of the house without breaking the bank. Rugs no longer are heirloom that have been passed down to your kids & then to their kids. No need to struggle to work them within your room for the next 50 years. Your kids can get better sleep knowing they don’t have this chore to carry on the tired tradition. Pick a great rug that has a great hand & durability, but one that does not empty your wallet. Pick colors you want, and then in 3years when you want to update your room again-no worries! Rugs are now treated as an accessory than a foundation piece. Room updates are easy with a neutral pallet. Add some new pillows and a fresh rug and you have a whole new look. The area rug segment is also growing because of the bolstering growth of hard surface flooring. So just because he wants hard wood floors or tile, you can still have your cushion and your color too with an area rug!

What color pallet do you love?
What type of designs do you want?
What do you see trending?

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