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Picking the Right Chair

The number one complaint that I seem to hear from clients is, “My chair is so uncomfortable!” I always wonder to myself….so why did you buy it?

The answer is simple……the chair was not the correct size for the person who was going to use it!

Cute pair of shoes that may fit you or may not

We like to purchase furniture for many reasons, but generally, not for the right reason…..does it fit my body and give me good support? Finding the right fit is just like buying shoes. We try them on and make sure they feel good. Making sure the shoes are comfortable is very important! What is different with shoes is that we are generally sizing it to just the person who will wear it, not the whole family!

With a sofa or chair, we need to do the similar thing. You must sit down and see if it is comfortable. One sizes doesn’t fit all!

The 3 areas that you need to check are:

  1. The height of the seat off the floor. Do your feet touch the floor? If they are dangling, they will tend to go to sleep. If your knees are angled up, you will have extra pressure on your hips. If you are 5′ tall, you will need a shorter seat height than someone who is 6′ tall.

  2. The seat depth from front to back.To check this, you must be sitting, and make sure your back is fully supported all the way down your spine. Many times with shorter legs, your back doesn’t even touch the chair back. You will only be able to sit for a short time before you feel uncomfortable. Many women tell me a chair is leaning. Really, the chair is not leaning. You will be leaning if the seat is too deep!

  3. The height of the back.The correct support for your neck would have the top of the chair follow into the arch of your neck. The chair should not push on the back of your head. This is a common problem for women since most chairs are made on average for 5’8″ tall people. When the chair is too tall, that curved out area will push your head forward if it isn’t lined up with your neck!

These are the main 3 variables, but other things can vary what is comfortable depending on the person. For instance, younger people usually have a good back and find themselves sitting in more of a curved “slouchy” position. They love a really deep seat and softer cushions for a more relaxed feel. But, a 65 year old who has had a physically demanding job and now has a weak back is looking for great back support and nothing too low to the floor, as it is harder to get up out of a low piece of furniture. Wow, what 30 years can do to your body!

Different types of chair styles at TriCity Furniture

We at Tri City Furniture, always make sure to fit the chair to you. We know that the comfort is going to be the most important factor and we want it to last for many years. We carry several different American manufacturers so that you find quality as well! Once you have the perfect fit, we can get it for you in many fabric and leather choices, and lots of times in just 3 weeks!

More styles of chairs and recliners

Many chairs today are made in multiple sizes due to the needs of people. It is so important to ask about the different chair options and make sure that you find the perfect size your body requires. Baby bear had it right… have to find the piece that is “just right!”

Different types of chairs to fit different size people

If you need assistance in finding the perfect chair, please email us or call! We would love to help!



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