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  • Kathy Kilbourn

Decorating a Holiday Table

Wow! I cannot believe it is Christmas in just a couple of weeks! I still have so much to do! Shopping, Christmas cooking, wrapping presents and of course, decorating our home so it has a festive look.

Let me help you get prepared for those parties and Holiday meals…..with a spectacular dining table! You won’t need to spend any extra time running out to buy things. We can use items that you already have in your cupboards and Christmas boxes….. those items you just weren’t wanting to throw out, but really were not sure what to do with them! So, grab your box, and lets make an unbelievable table together!

First, we need to decide what color we will be make our design. It could be one color, like red, green, purple, teal, or blue (It is easiest to choose a color that you have in your Christmas box!) I also like to add gold or silver with my color.

Now, to collect a few other items…..

  • Candlesticks and candles. They can be any size, but try to stick within your colors, such as red and gold or teal and silver. Your design will have a richer look if you stay with just two colors!

  • Ornaments, mixed sizes and the more glitter, the better!

  • Beads (remember the ones you got last summer at the parade!)

  • A piece of fabric or lace

  • Stems from an old Christmas tree

  • Sparkly stems that you bought for a Christmas decoration and you never made it!

  • Large glass vase or bowl

  • Ribbon

  • Pine cones

I find some of these items in the China cabinet or even the top of my cupboard. Just look around and you will be surprised what you have!

Now that I have all of my pieces pulled, we are ready! If you will be using a tablecloth, make sure to have it on your table when you start.

Place your piece of material on the table in the center. It should be laid in the shape of your table. Make sure to have it with lots of wrinkles and the edges folded under. It doesn’t have to be a perfect shape!

We will add our larger pieces in.

Put your focal point in the center. I am using a

medium glass bowl…..and I will add color to it after. Place your pieces on the material you have laid out, setting each piece into the wrinkles. There is no right or wrong…have fun! I try to use an odd number of candlesticks so here I am using 5.

Now place your smaller items into the wrinkles of the material….Ornaments, beads, and pieces of greens. I lay the ornaments first and then place my stems with the end under the balls!

I have filled my glass bowl with ornaments of mixed sizes and pinecones. I used a piece of gold material in the bottom of the bowl to keep the ornaments up at the top of the rim. Mixed textures and glitter will give a lot of dimension.

Add in a couple of loops of ribbon for more color. Make sure to light the candles before your guest arrive! Enjoy your party!

If you would like more ideas, please stop in. We have several of our dining room tables set up with different designs and color combinations. We are always glad to help!

Please send us a picture of your own design. We would like to share it with others!

Merry Christmas



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