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Technology Update

The home theater catalog has come a long way since the addition of the cup holder to

Technology in furniture from Palliser

the recliner. The latest technology introduced at the April market was adding a “Chill Factor” to your seat, power lumber support, tilt headrest and USB plugs in the side of your sofa. All of these features help give you the exact comfort you need in the comfort of your own seat! No need to get up. Keep the Netfix going!

  • Cooling Gel Seat cushions added to your seat allows you to stay cool while you sit back and relax. Also these cushions help cool swallow or tender areas that are sore or in pain.

  • Power Lumber support allows you to “roll out” your back support to the exact comfort level that you need. Did you have a hard day? Add a little more support.

  • Power tilt headrests allows you to put your feet up and then raise your head to the exact comfort level that you need. So often we never relax in your chair, because we continue to “hold” our back or neck and never lay back and relax. Adjust your level of comfort and finally take a deep breath in comfort!

  • USB Plugs- these little gadgets are flush on the side of the sofa, but when you need them…just pop them out! Wish I had one right now, because my battery light is blinking yello


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