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Where to Start With Room Design

New Year, New Beginnings

It is that time… of year where we take down the tree and put away the Christmas decorations. It seems like we just put it all up! My room seems to have that empty feeling so I am anxious to do something new with my space! So, this is a perfect time to start thinking about how you could change your room….a piece or two, or a major overhaul from top to bottom!

Help in what way to go for a room design

When we make changes in a space, it is important to consider what we want the end results to be. It is important to have a plan in place so as we add new pieces, the space heads towards our final results. It is somewhat like planning a trip. If we want to get to Florida, we need to go south on I 75…if we take a left on 80, we definitely will have a hard time getting to Florida! Same with our room, if we don’t know the style path, such as casual lifestyle or traditional, we will have a hard time getting to that look if we don’t know the right direction to go!

Figuring out the best plan for your room is a great place to start.

Room Plan and Layout

Maybe you received a 60″ TV for Christmas, and it will fit where you had your small 31″ TV! This may require several pieces to move around the room. A basic rule is large pieces on large walls and small pieces on small walls. Other things to consider are walkways, fireplaces and window light.

Fabrics for custom furniture

After you have a great set up, then it is time to look at fabrics. We have thousands of fabrics from many different American manufacturers in our store. Finding the correct pattern, mixed with the correct colors, is sometimes the hardest part of this process. Even if you are not purchasing a new sofa now, you may want to consider the color you want down the way….and plan the new piece around that color, rather than matching something that you have had for 20 years!

Color palettes,are always changing, so making that piece more neutral helps to have flexibility when you do purchase!

Now that you know a color palette, it is much easier to choose flooring and then paint. Trying to pick paints before you know what you are matching is very difficult. You will probably choose a tone that doesn’t work well with the fabrics that you would generally select. There are families of colors, such as yellow based or grey based and it is important to stay in the same base tone!

I know there is a lot of information here, so if you are confused, please give us a call and we would be glad to assist you. There are many options in pieces with lots of lengths and depths. If you have a long narrow room, it will be important to have shallower furniture as compared to a 16 x 20 room, you could use overstuffed furniture. We do have a floor plan program that you can use right on our website.

So, have some fun and create a space that you enjoy and gives you that feel you love to be in!

Wishing you a wonderful 2017!


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