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Guidelines When Buying Furniture

6 Tips to Remember

  1. Measure, Measure, Measure! You can not measure enough. Don’t forget to measure the space of course where the furniture is going, but also think about how the piece

will get there. Is the doorway wide enough? What about the hallway? Is the new furniture going up a stairway? All important areas to measure. If the store has a designer, most often they will be able to give you advise on what will work or not and other suggestions to try. Shipping a piece back to a company normally falls on the customer’s bill and there could also be a restocking fee. Save yourself the money and the headache and find the correct furniture the first time.

  1. How does the Old work with the New Furniture? There are many factors that play a roll in setting up a room. Your room and the show room will also have different factors such as lighting, wall colors and flooring, therefore it can be hard to visualize how it will all come together.

  • Work with the store designer if you can.

  • Ask to check out fabrics and color swatches to bring home.

  • Sketch your room, so the designer can see how all the pieces are laid out.

  • Tri City Furniture has always offered No Charge home consultations to make sure we see the whole picture!

  1. Lifestyle Matters. Who is in your home with you? Children? Pets? Your aging parents? All of these factors should help you choose your furniture. There are so many great options now in furniture and flooring that stand the test of time even with sticky fingers. You can still have great style, at a reasonable price on American Made quality pieces. Work with a design/ Specialist so you save money by not purchasing the wrong product first. We know the questions to ask to help!

  2. Be Confident! When buying a new home, clients spend months. Just about the same time frame when buying a new car. Don’t rush when purchasing furniture. Talk through the process with the specialist at the store. We can not all be experts at everything. Let them be your furniture expert. They want you to be happy with your purchase as well, therefore they will listen and help answer your concerns. Buying pieces online often leads to disappointment, due to not trying the furniture. The sit test is important. Take your time!

  3. Care Instructions. Quality is important. Ask how to care for the new furniture.What type of wood is the dining room table made out of it? Will my cold glass of lemonade leave a water ring on the top? American Made companies stand behind their finishes. Fabric makeup is also important to know about. Your lifestyle plays a part in this as well. Do you eat in your furniture? Is red wine your friend? We will give you the correct information you need to know to make your investment in furniture, a mattress and flooring last.

  4. Thoughts on Price Range. There are different aspects of price range.

  5. First, think…when was the last time you purchased furniture? If your answer is more than 5 years, most likely, prices have went up. Just because you bought a great recliner 15 years ago for $299 does not mean the recliner that you need today will also be $299. Prices on nothing have stayed the same…just checkout the local gas station.

  6. Second, try to stay in your price range…but if you are concerned about quality, ask what the next step up is.You may have to may a little more, but most likely the furniture will last much longer and give you the support you need. Skip the smaller purchase, such as art or lamp untill the next paycheck. Add those pieces to your wishlist and put the cash towards quality.

  7. Don’t be lured into a store credit card. Financing is normally livable for large purchases. The store pays the interest for these cards, in-order to help clients distribute their payments. Make sure you are able to payoff your card in the time frame given. If you miss deadlines, interest from the card company is added and you will end up losing that great deal that you received in the store. This could potentially end up costing you hundreds more than you originally paid at 20 to 30 percent interest rates.If the store really cares about you they will help you create a plan to setup your home in a budget friendly time frame.

For more advise come talk to us. We will help direct you to the best path for you. Your Style, Your Way, Your Home!


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