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Heath & Wellness

The Science of Wellness

Health and fitness is an admirable lifestyle choice.

We try to find the best products for our family that will promote wellness. We see these products daily in watches, phone apps and info commercials that lead us towards better living.

  • We are now able to get access to our health data as we sleep through Serta’s Adjustable Sleep Tracker Base. See when and how you sleep best and improve those tendencies that will uses a simple heart monitor system that gets you a great sleep nightly!

  • The boom in fitness ware, has followed through to the pillow companies pushing them to change their makeup and design. Now you are able to find covers and bedroom sheets made out of tencel that pulls the moisture and heat away from your body allowing for cleaner skin and better sleep. Also pillows are now not- “One size fits all”, but choose the right size/height pillow for your sleeping style and comfort.

  • Customize your recliner settings- with power – set the adjustments and they will maintain the level you have set. Adjust your knee angle, lumber support, and head and neck support and tilt. This allows you to keep proper posture each time you allow your body to regenerate.

  • Not sure if you are a fan of power?…Try a Fjord chair or recliner from Norway. Their design for seated or reclining offers back support that can not be compared to. Articulating headrest tilt and height adjustments allow for perfect comfort and posture.

  • Lift chairs may be used after an injury, surgery or daily to prevent future injury.

  • Many recliners come the option of heat and massage to release the stress of the day. Customize your massage from gentle to aggressive.

  • The Zero Gravity chair from Palliser takes you to a completely new level never seen by any other company. Use the power control to lay you back, positioning your heart below your feet allowing for ease of heart flow and circulation.

  • High Density Foam and 8 Way Hand Tied Coil foundations found from companies such as Norwalk and LancerFurniture provide correct seated support in sofas and chairs for the longevity of the furniture.

These are only a few items to list for better health. They all are still available in different styles, cover colors, and comfort and durability. The furniture must first be attractive first we understand, but we also want it provide the best health possible for you as well.


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