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Media Chests

How times have changed. If you don’t believe me think of your TV and Media Chest and now think of your Great Grandma’s.
TV remote

Not too long ago clients were asking for armoires and closed entertainment centers to hide their television. No one wanted to see DVD players, VCRs, Blue-ray players, video games or CDs. Turn the page and you see TV

screens getting larger and larger. Don’t forget the speaker systems that takeover rooms as well. Put away your Precious Moment collections, because Season 1-8 of (insert your favorite series here) is taking their space. We now show off our big screens vs hiding them. Studies show that 78% of clients say that closing up their televisions is not important to them. Only 19% said that it is somewhat important….” Somewhat”

TV on a media chest

Think about your home…Do you hide your TV away? Is your set on display? Is it hung on a wall? Or do you project your screen on the wall? All of us have different answers and that is OK. At Tri City Furniture we try to have exactly what you need, no matter what your needs are. Yes, we can hide all of it away and we have wall units and media chests for flat screen TVs within the living room. We also have them for the bedroom. Checkout Broyhill’s dresser with flip down drawer allowing you to have access to a remote console. Twin Star media chests come in all shapes, styles and sizes. Many of them include blue tooth, sound bars, subwoofers, wine chest and even electric fireplace for those cold nights. Still want to mount your TV on the wall? We can help supply wall mounts, cable camouflage & electronic unit wall and side console mounts. So basically, what we are saying is you can keep your Precious Moment collection, season 1-8 and still have storage for anything else you want to hide or display.

Pick the style that works for you and your family. Let us help guide you in your search for all your home entertainment needs.

Tell us, where do you fall on the scale? Hidden? Larger than Life? or Somewhere in between?

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