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  • Kathy Kilbourn

End Tables

Do Rooms need End Tables and Why….

There are times you walk into a space and it just doesn’t feel right! You might notice that things are too crowded or the colors just don’t feel good. Something is wrong, but you just aren’t sure what the problem is! I have found that the common elements that make a great room design are often missing. It isn’t written down anywhere, but there are just some things that should be there that complete a room. No matter what you do, those things are felt when they are missing!

Today, I want to talk about End Tables. They are the one thing that finishes off the areas around upholstered pieces.

Not only are they a place to decorate but more importantly a place to set your lamp, tablet or snack! Lamps need to be placed by upholstered pieces so that when you sit there in the evening, you are able to see!

I am always amazed when I go to someone’s home and there are no lamps or tables. It is like getting all dressed up for a party and not wearing any shoes!

I always say the upholstered pieces are the cake, but the tables, lamps, art and accessory pieces are the frosting! The cake is good but the frosting makes it much much better!

End tables have a lot of function. They are there not only for putting things on, but they finish the end of the upholstery piece. They should be a shorter depth and wide enough to balance the upholstery, as well as “fit” in the space available.

Many rooms do not have enough square footage and when standard pieces are brought in, the space left for end tables can be minimal! But the good news is that tables come in all sorts of sizes from 10″ to 30″ wide as well as many shapes. There is no good reason not to have tables!

Tables have lots of options today as well! They can be small or large, just legs or lots of storage and even have places to recharge your electronic equipment!

Amish tables have grown in popularity because of all these options. You can chose the size, the wood, the stains or paints as well as vary the styles! Creating the perfect piece to meet your needs is much easier today since each piece is made by hand once it is ordered. American product is not sitting in a warehouse someplace waiting to be shipped. These pieces are made specifically for you, so if you want it made out of cherry wood instead of oak, no problem! If you would like 2 drawers instead of one, no problem!

If you are needing to fix your room, or add a couple of new pieces, we would be glad to assist you! Finding just the right piece to complete you look is what we love to do! Maybe you would even like to try creating your own special piece! We have lots of items in stock to help inspire you! Come check us out and we will dream together!

Happy decorating!



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