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Elements of Transitional

Transitional Design

Coastal to Farmhouse

All designers have a particular “style” they love. One that I love is transitional with a Coastal character as it gives me the colors I love when on vacation. It is about enjoying the calmness and beauty of the water, beach and all of its natural scenery. When all of these elements are put together, my home will feel warm and inviting, so I can to relax and unwind at the end of the day! It is all about the feel that the furniture, colors and accessories give the room!

Transitional Furniture

I like to have a balance of casual and elegance. It gives a room a higher style yet different than the normal coastal design. Transitional design is all about combining all different types of textures, elements and colors to create a relaxing space. Using deep shades of turquoise, coral, orange and blues in bright accents results in a stronger coastal feel. Larger pieces should be kept in clean, neutral colors and the accents highlighted with clear brights. By using classic styles in the neutral palette, coastal accents can come and go. When they are gone, your transitional style is ready for another personality change!


Farmhouse style originally developed out of necessity. Farmers needed places to live and farmhouses reflected the the land, building material and goods in the rural areas where they lived.

A natural style which came about is now very popular. Farmhouse style is more of an attitude or a way of life than a style today. Once farmhouse style was known by 3 key elements… rural location, functional porches and formal and informal living space! Today there are lots of fun decor element that bring the warm, simple and savvy farmhouse look to almost any home.

Farmhouse Design Trend

Thus is what you would usually find in a farmhouse that were important elements to the life of the farmer and his family.

  1. The sink

What can we say? The sink was for washing the food, the dishes as well as the kids!

Farmhouse Cabniets

2. White kitchen cabinets

Painted kitchen cabinets, especially white ones, are a farmhouse favorite! Beadboard is usually used with the white cabinets!

3.Painted wood plank walls

They have been used for farmhouse walls for hundreds of years but lately they have become popular again!

4. Farmhouse rustic dining tables

Their long rugged trestle design gives warmth and character. Use some updated chair styles with your table for a more modern look.

Farmhouse Dining Room  Table

5. Mason jars

These jars are not for just canning anymore. These jars are used for storage, as well as accents with fresh cut flowers in them. Add a straw and a beverage and you have pure farmhouse style!

Mason Jars in Home Decor

6. Rustic accents

It’s all about that rustic/luxe balance! Pieces of wood, dried flowers and stems add the rich farmhouse character.

Farm house Style

7. Burlap

Burlap is a fun compliment for use on the dining table or under accent pieces. It has become a classic piece.

8. Porches

The original farmhouse style always had an outdoor living space, the porch. A rocker or a swing will lend a relaxed, come-sit-a-spell touch to your home! Also add lots of potted plants and flowers!

9. Ironstone and Galvanized steel

Ironstone is the sturdy workhorse of a farmhouse kitchen. Today, those pieces are used throughout the house as accents!

Farmhouse Kitchen

10. Garden to fork living

Gardening was what you did on the farm. Vegetables and herbs were fresh and used daily, as well as canned for the winter months ahead. Get your hands into the dirt and bring its bounty right to your table!

Farmhouse style is similar to traditional, but the accents will focus on more rustic elements with a focus on natural and galvanized steel. Farmhouse is today's way of getting back to a calm and uncomplicated way of life. Good-by to city life!

Farmhouse backyard gardens

So, get back to the calmer way of life! See you in the garden!



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