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When Buying Furniture

When Buying Furniture Look for This...

Cushion Support

Do you have a hard time getting up and out of your sofa or chair? Are your cushions loosing their shape? Are you uncomfortable sitting in your chair due to no support?

These problems are often caused by the foam cushion that you are sitting on!

Today we will talk about the different types of foam cores that come on furniture. It will help you know what to look for when trying to find the best comfort.

Support is created when the cushion doesn’t sink away when you sit on it. Foam is made in different densities, which is the way you tell how much foam there is compared to how much air there is! The more foam, the more support it will give!

Most American manufacturers, like Broyhill, Norwalk, Rowe, and Lancer, will give you the density of their foam cores, as well as have a warranty on the cores themselves. They will have a spring support system that will give longevity to their cushions so that your furniture piece will have lasting comfort as well as keeping it’s original shape!

Helpful Tip: A simply way to test the density is to pick up the cushion itself! If the cushion is heavy, it will be a denser foam, and a lighter cushion will have more air, therefore not as dense. These are the cushions that tend to breakdown quicker!

Other cushion styles would be foam and springs, foam and down or all down cushions. Foam and springs will give you a softer feel, yet have resiliency because the steel spring pop back. The support is similar to how a mattress is made with steel and foam topper.

Foam and down gives a comfortable ‘sink in’ feel, but working with down does require more fluffing, much like a bed pillow! All down is very luxurious and will have wrinkles and compression. It will last but needs a lot of fluffing!All this talk about cushions is important to your comfort while sitting but even more important for those who have trouble getting up out of the couch!

It is relevant to consider the height of the cushions as well as the compression (how low you go) of the foam.

Helpful Tip: The lower it allows a body to sink, the harder it is to get up out of it!

Younger ages usually have less issues but as we get older, our knees and hips do not work as well and therefore makes it harder to get up!

So, when needing a new furniture piece, don’t forget to consider the quality of the foam! Imported furniture usually uses less dense products because of cost. It looks good to start with, but the breakdown of the foams come much quicker than you will want!

Remember: Imports are less expensive because of the components that are used.

Please do not think that a $499.00 Sofa will hold up like an American made product that may cost $999.00 there are many differences! You can only see 20% of a sofa, and what you can’t see is usually not there!

We will give you the beauty you want as well as the inside scope! TriCity Furniture has cushions that will last, and stay firm…..and if they don’t, they are backed up by an American manufacturer that is here to stand up to their promise!

See you soon!


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