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  • Kathy Kilbourn

Farmhouse and Table Décor

Natural, burlap and chickens, and you have farmhouse! Today we want to pull back and live a more relaxed and natural way.

We want time to sit on the porch and relax as well as play games with the kids. Picking our own vegetables from the garden and then canning it naturally without chemical ingredients ......and so farmhouse is brought back to life!

Farmhouse interiors are all about the simple details. This American style is experiencing a major comeback, appealing to those who prefer the classic, comforting style of a simpler time. It is a blend of rugged traditional which includes covered porches, inherited classic pieces and usually in light colors and rough-hewn finishes.

This casual look is no longer just for folks living on their own acreage but it being brought back to anyone, anywhere.

Here are some character traits that can help you get the farmhouse look in your home.

1. The wraparound porch.

Porches were traditionally used as a gathering place for family and friends especially when it was too hot inside during the summer. It was a great place to relax in the evening as the older family members would share stories of years past. A porch or patio of any size can help you get this farmhouse look. Rockers and potted flowers are a must!

Farmhouse Design

2. Classic lantern lighting.

A lantern from colonial days was used in the early days of American heritage. Today it is a must for the farmhouse decor and is used on coffee tables, wall sconces as well as dining table centerpieces.. This clean and simple fixture is perfect for interior or exterior farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Lanterns

3. Wood accents everywhere!

Wood was often used in farmhouse homes because they had I lot of it on the farm. The natural scuffs and scrapes that come with longtime usse told farmhouse home history. The more rustic the finish, the more farmhouse it will feel! The use of paneling on walls has been out of style but can be used here to recreate that natural farmhouse look!

4. Light and bright

Lighter wall color was used in the early days due to limited light sources. If you had more money, you might use wallpaper as well, especially in foyer and front room areas. Wall lighting was used in the early days (candles and oil lights) and so wall fixtures still give a more authentic look.

Sofa on the Porch

5. Relaxed fabrics

In farmhouse days, furniture items were very natural and fabrics mostly made with cottons were used. Designs were simple and colors were soft and smaller.

6. Kitchens were the heart of a farmhouse

Since this is a heavily used area, finishes were designed to last.. Apron-front sinks, sturdy wood countertops and cabinetry were originally designed take a beating and cater to a house full of guests.

7. Dining table

The one main piece of any farmhouse dining room: the classic farmhouse dining table was generally handmade and lovingly passed on to family members. It was usually a trestle style and had enough chairs for the entire family.

Farmhouse Dining Room Table Decor

8. Mix and match in the bedroom

The classic bedroom would be made up of mix and match heirloom pieces, inherited from friends and family. Light and airy linens and whitewashed walls would be carried into the bedroom as well.

Remember back to the home your grandparents lived in....back on the family farm. They didn't always have the popular comforts like a dishwasher, but they had the necessities! Your grandfather would pull out a old wooden box of blocks that he played with as a kid, and you could play for hours on the floor with just simple pieces of wood and imagination! All of the accessories that your grandmother had always gave with a story about why they had it or who had given it to them! This was true farmhouse and is being brought back to life because of the joy it reminds us of!

Relax and enjoy a simpler time!



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