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Under the Se Trend

Under the Sea- Norwalk Furniture 2016 Style Trend

Furniture with a Sea look and style

Sebastian had it right “Darlin’ it’s better down where its wetter.” Disney acknowledged it several years ago and indeed we’ve watched the emergence of sea motifs and colors trend. The many shades of marine blue have been prominent, so in many ways it seems almost inevitable that sea life trends and their blue green range of colors are now showing up. Seahorses, Seashells, Star Fish and various cephalopods are all having their day in the sun. From Paris to the showrooms of High Point , these lighthearted motifs indeed, “got no troubles, life is the bubbles.” Come see more on this trend at Tri City Furniture for new fabrics, colors and patterns. We can help take your beach house, lake house, cabin or sun room to the next level. Don’t worry either, you don’t have to paint an octopus on the wall to be “current” with what is happening. We will show you tricks on how to take part, but not add every part. Just come ask!


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