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Amish Tables

Have you seen the HGTV Show called Vanilla Ice Goes Amish? It takes place in the largest Amish settlement in the US found deep in the heart of Ohio’s country side and miles from the nearest shopping mall. This community is a highly secretive, God fearing and abundantly filled with gifted craftsmen who give attention to detail in each

Amish Table Set at TriCity Furniture

and every masterpiece they create. Vanilla Ice the rapper, calls himself a stranger in a strange land. Not only is he not singing (for the most part), but he is working with the Amish “Ninjas” as he calls the families. Learning the tricks of the trade to building benches, patios, basement and other home necessities that all have a Vanilla Ice flair. It can be a pretty entertaining show. Rather than travel to Ohio, you can come visit us. We have beautiful and unique collections of hand made tables, dinning rooms and chairs, table top protective covers, bedroom sets, transitional nursery to young child bedrooms, rocking chairs, coat racks, Hope chests,rustic log furniture and so much more. We are proud to support these fine craftsmen and women. They pour their heart into each masterpieces they make and we strongly support quality furniture made here in the great USA!


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