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Accent Cabniets

Updated: May 5, 2022

Have you ever wanted a statement piece at your foyer door that just blows your company away? Maybe you need something in your living room that freshens up the look and feel? Learn the power of an accent cabinet from Kathy Kilbourn on this week's Design Time.

To start off, you want to measure the space where you would like to put the piece. Most rooms call for a cabinet in the foyer, living room, behind a floating sofa or sectional. These areas are normally bare and the cabinet or chest will give life and function to the area.

Manufacturers may call a midsize piece a cabinet, a larger piece a chest (with drawers) or Cupboard, and a longer 4-5 door piece a credenza (hidden storage) or console (open shelf storage). Don't worry too much about the name, but know the size of the space you have to work with when shopping. You also should look at the space vertically, for instance, is the cabinet going on the wall between two windows? If so, you may want a taller vs wider cabinet/ chest, because that is the shape of the wall. Most sofa backs' or sectionals will always call for a wider longer piece than taller, because the height of the sofa/sectional is not tall. Below you see that there are many styles and looks to add to your room. These are considered accent cabinets because for the most part, each piece has doors vs doors. Placing one of these on the back of your floating sofa (not against a wall) in the room will really take your look up a notch. You have not hidden the unseemly side of the sofa and created a little purpose and function in the room. Maybe put a lamp on it for mood lighting. Store the family games or blankets so they are at hand when needed.

There are many pieces that ccoordinate with a cabniet. If you like the look and would like side tables, tv stand to complete the look. I have examples to show below, but there are many looks you could do with each style. Often we may be in the market for only one piece, but completely the look really freshens up the space and makes the entire room new vs just one piece,

I wanted to show you some chests vs cabinets. Normally these pieces are larger and they contain drawers vs doors. Many people will use these in a nursery as a dresser or even a master bedroom for a statement piece that coordinates with the headboard, and nightstand bedroom set. Just remember to measure and use the space you have.

Credenzas will be longer. They were designed to replace the traditional dining room buffet and hutch. They normally have doors and drawers. Some drawers may be hidden inside the door for a clean front design. This is why they are often used in the bedroom as a dresser. You have room for folded clothes on the shelf, but you also have a few drawers for socks and smaller items.

As you can see, there are many styles and choices. Knowing where you want to place it really helps us inform you how to pick. The room decor will define your picks to the correct style. The function also comes into play, because maybe you just want a place for a coffee cup and a lamp. You do not need the storage, you just want to display the graduation photos. Then a console may be the choice you want with an open bottom. Many looks and styles of every style. There are lots of options. Come in to Tri City Furniture and talk to Kathy or one of the designers to help you pick and find the perfect piece for your space. Have some fun. Enhance YOU and YOUR HOME!

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