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Accent Chairs

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Looking for just the right chair for your space? Let's talk chairs- styles, features and benefits. You may learn something on this week's of Design Time that you never knew! Tune in every Thursday Morning at 9am News to get the latest info on furniture and design.

Typically, an accent chair is a smaller piece. Because it doesn’t have a reclining mechanism, the manufacturers are able to make more shapely frames for accent chairs which result in a prettier style, unlike the big, boxy, poufy style of many recliner chairs!

Most of the time, an accent chair is desired, because it is a smaller footprint in a room! But many offer shallower seating as well, which fit shorter legs better. Also, this is where a print or fabric pattern might be added in your room for a design element. Accent chairs do offer several variables such as decorative legs, rocking, and swivel gliders. Not too many have taller backs like recliners…they typically want this chair to be smaller! They are definitely made to be a pretty piece!

People want accent chairs to be a lower cost, but because of the more interesting design, many times, they are just as costly as a recliner. Another factor in their cost is the fabric, as well as the features. If they chair swivels, or swivel glides it is more costly. A lot of times you see these chairs starting at $599, but they can go up to a $1000 quickly with a printed fabric or a better frame or foam seat sore. Quality does cost more. If you sit the chair in the guest room and no one sits on it, you may pick differently that the chair you place in the living room. Plain fabric on any furniture will keep the price lower, but with a print or stripe, those fabrics are more costly. If the chair has wood trim, decorative legs, or tacks, those also add to the cost!

Accent chairs can help anchor the room of several solid fabric pieces, so try to get colors in the print that drawers your colors together. Make sure to consider the neutrals as well, as many rooms may have grey tones as well as brown tone! Many newer fabrics offer those variable colors for just this reason! Pick an accent fabric on the accent chair that combines the grey, brown and maybe a color. This ties the room together and shows purpose for why it was put together.

Pick something that is interesting and comfortable and works well where is sits. For instance, if it is by a window, you may want to have a swivel so you can look out, and then turn back for conversation!

Remember to mix the sizes of your pieces….just because some of your family members are tall, doesn’t mean everything should be large to fix them! Some friend maybe short! Don’t forget about them!

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