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Adjustable Base- Part 2

Updated: Apr 30

We are going to continue our conversation started last week by Kathy Kilbourn about understanding the healthy benefits that you can get by using an adjustable base with your mattress.

Before we get to more of these benefits, do all mattresses work with an adjustable base?

Actually no, the mattress needs to be made to go on a moveable base. Most older mattresses and flipable mattresses will not bend with this base. If you do not know if your mattress will work with a new base we need to do some research or your mattress may be ruined. Today the majority of the mattresses are made to work with adjustable bases. All foam beds will work as well

Ok, is there a specific benefit for healthy sleep on a moveable bed if we are older and having more difficulty moving?

Whether due to age, a disability, illness or accident, health issues can often negatively affect mobility and independence. It can help people who have a difficult time getting into or out of bed. Moving the head area up will help you lift yourself off the mattress more efficiently, because you have extra support you can lean against. An adjustable bed base is a perfect aid to encourage independence for those who have mobility issues.

What about general aches and pains?

Many of these conditions can be relieved with the use of an adjustable bed frame. Stiff and aching joints can be alleviated by positioning the mattress so weight is taken off problem areas to allow for a more comfortable rest. We have known that the zero-G position is a favorite for relieving the aches and pains associated with arthritis because it takes pressure off the whole body.

Are there benefits for your legs because you can raise them up?

Yes, some relief from Restless Leg Syndrome (or RLS) which requires you to move the legs while at rest and is a known cause for poor sleep. An adjustable bed base can allow you to move your legs higher for better circulation and helps to alleviate some of those issues.

Many times we are told to raise our legs up to help with circulation.

Yes, better circulation is a benefit as well. There are several reasons you might have swollen legs such as varicose veins, illnesses or injuries from falling, which can cause pooling of fluids in your legs.

Raising your legs while sleeping can help eliminate that inflammation.

Probably the most import benefit for almost every person is for better circulation. Being able to raise you your legs higher helps the blood flow to the heart, which works with gravity, and doesn’t make your heart work as hard! You will improve the quality of your sleep!

If something can provide relief from variable medical conditions

like restless leg syndrome, arthritis or even indigestion without side effects, it would be a wise investment.

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