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Are Deep Cushions Best?

Updated: Apr 30

Kathy, you talk about all the different Parts of sofas and chairs. You have covered the different densities of foam and the depth of the cushions so that a person can sit and have back support and have their feet on the floor!  Today you want to talk about posture!  

What has changed concerning sitting up straight?

Over the last 50 years, there has been less focus on proper posture.  It use to be that in grade school, you were graded on your posture.  It was believed that correct posture promoted strong Healthy lungs, good circulation, better health and proper growth and development, but that has all changed!  You no longer hear about correct posture in school!

That is interesting, with all the focus on overall "health", you would think that proper posture would be important to many people!

Yes, a lot of this poor posture comes from many of today’s habits, like working in front of a computer all day, looking down at a cellphone and slouching on the sofa while watching tv.

Are there other health risks that come from poor posture?

Typically  neck pain, and back problems are the most common issue.

Other problems may be……

  • poor balance, 

  • headaches, 

  • breathing difficulties 

  • mood, 

  • sleep, 

  • fatigue, 

  • constipation and 

  • heartburn.

  • Slouching puts pressure on a lot of your internal organs!

That is quite a list! You wouldn’t think that NOT sitting up straight could cause so many issues!  So, back to the deep sofas! Why are so many sofas built deep?

Today deep furniture is fashionable, and function unfortunately doesn’t always dictate form.  Even though we know something isn’t good for us, we still go with the trend!  Deep sofas are great to sleep on!

That is true! Do you think we will change away from deep sets in furniture?

I think younger people consider deep sofas to be comfortable, especially after they come home from work and have spent an hour at the gym.  They seem to be concerned with the support system of their beds, but how they sit in-between is causing a lot of body damage that the other activities are trying to correct!

When we know something is bad, we need to move away from it so those activities are not detrimental to our well being.  We need to go back and teach our kids the same thing!  If you want them to like a healthy diet, you need to teach them what healthy is…not let them eat snacks and candy all the time!

This is definitely something that could  be corrected, if we want to!

Yes, using furniture pieces that fit  our body and give us good support is key…just like buying the right shoes!  As you age, you will be glad if you took care of your body!

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