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Back Support- Part 2

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Join us today on Design Time with TV5 and Kathy Kilbourn of Tri City Furniture to learn more about proper back support in furniture and what you should have to relieve pain.

Welcome to DesignTime!

Last week we started our discussion of support systems in the backs of sofas, and we discussed the pillow back design. Is there anything else that we should know about a pillow back?

We did cover the variable of a pillow back that is filled with Dacron, but there are other options for filling a pillow! One choice would be a softer product such as down to be used as filling. It does offer a much softer feel, but the problem here is that they definitely need fluffing. If you have ever had a down fill bed pillow, you know that it will flatten as you lay on it, so you grab the end and shake it, to fluff it back up! Another issue, is that it needs to have a heavy inside pillow wrap. It is to keep the down and feathers inside the pillow. Even with a heavy duty cover, feathers can work themselves out!

Are there any other types of fill that is used in back pillows?

Back before imports came in the 70’s, the back cushions were generally a foam core, Which is the same as the seat cushion is in your sofa. The foam was not quite as dense and offered great support, but even more important, it kept its shape, basically forever! It would not compress with animals sitting on top, or if kids jumped on them!

Why did we go away from the foam core in the backs?

When imports became strong, they looked for many ways to cut the costs of the sofa products. If they could take it away, they did! If they couldn’t just leave it out, they replaced it with something that cost less, and that is why Dacron is used today! There are many variable of density as well as the quantity, so the pillow looks good to start, but quickly can compress and get out of shape! Unless you are aware of these types of variables, you might not notice until it is too late! This is just one of the reasons why one sofa will cost $699 and another might be $1,699.00. The quality of the components make all the difference!

It can hold up, but just don’t sit on it!

There are so many things that we all do not realize….I just never thought about those variables! Is there any other types of backs available on sofas today?

Basically, there are the pillow backs, with all the variable options of fills, but there is also a wrap over back! This style uses foam and springs and will be the firmer design compared to the pillow back!

Yes, I have seen this style. Is it better than a pillow back?

Again, it is all about how you use it and what kind of back support you want. Many people like this style as it always stays neat and in place. It generally gives greater lower back support, especially if the seat cushion is not too deep!

Does it have any other variables?

Yes, it can be smooth, as a solid back all the way across, or it can be divided to match up with your seat cushions, or it could be tufted. Tufted is where there is buttons pushed in across the back and makes a diamond design. This back is usually about the look! It is very firm!

There is so much to really know when purchasing furniture. Thank you Kathy for helping know the important details about furniture so that we purchase the right product!

And thank you for watching today’s DesignTime!

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