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Well, that title seems easy enough. You just head over to a store and pick out a set, correct? What would there be to talk about barstools? Well, find out today from Kathy of Tri City Furniture. She will educate you on what you should know and ask when purchasing your next set of barstools.

We all seem to have something in our homes, but don’t talk much about ….the Barstools. Today’s kitchens offer larger counter areas where we love to snack, eat and have conversations!

The first thing you need to know is if you need counter height or bar height…one is a 24” base and the other 30”. Most kitchens today are using a shorter base.

And then the style…

  1. With or without a back

  2. Larger scale or smaller depending on how much space you have.

  3. Wood, metal, upholstered, or a combination.

There are many styles available. You always want to think about the comfort of the stool. Some are made small and with no back. Those will tend to be not as comfortable, especially for a larger person. Another thing to consider is if it will swivel or if it is a leg style. Swivel chairs are easier to get in and out of because the seat moves without effort. Just keep in mind, that children love swivels, but often bang them into your counter! Leg chairs, that do not swivel, are popular because they are at a lower cost.

If your stools sit close to your dining table, you may want to make them compliment the dining chairs. Another option would be to do something completely different. Maybe try to match your cabinets. They could be all white like a cabinet, or metal to match a light fixture and hardware/handles. Many dining sets offer matched barstools in their wood, color and design, so that might be the easiest option!

Things to remember and think about are to make sure that your stools are of decent quality. Remember, many items are imported today and do not have the same quality standards that American-made products do. You may have grown up with American-made and now wonder why your purchases don't hold up. Well, what you are buying may be the reason.

The Amish make chairs, stools, barstools, pub stools, and everything in between in solid wood. They make them in every color stain and will add special features such as fabric seats, memory swivel, and leg levelers. They are built heavy duty for more bodyweight and use as well.

Some of the smaller-scaled backless stools for $44-$88 are not built the same. I have seen many that start to loosen in the legs. Lots of times people sit on just the back legs and tilt…. which puts a lot of stress on those components and they can loosen.

When sitting up higher, make sure they are quality as you don’t want someone to fall to the floor!

Thank you Kathy for giving us insight on bar stools and all the varied options. If you need more information, feel free to contact Kathy or her team! Thank YOU for watching DesignTime!

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