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Basics of Room Design Pt1

Updated: Apr 30

Are you ready to Spring Clean? Change things up? Finally make your house a home, decorated, art on the wall and your set up and layout correct? Well, let us help you!

When you are first putting together a Room Design, you FIRST want to consider your space.

Or maybe we should say, the SPACE THAT YOU WANT!

Example: I want to redo my Living Room. The space itself is 22 x 16. It seems big, but I don't know what to do. There are doors on a lot of the walls. My living room is part of the dining room and kitchen. It is an open room concept and all the "spaces" connect to each other. The Dining Room is tight. I need more seats.

Room Design

Next, keep thinking about the look you want. Sometimes looking at magazines help. We can help point out details such as painted walls and contrasted furniture. There are many details to talk about and consider, but you probably have something you like in mind....or maybe something you hate in mind. This helps to determine types of pieces that should be used, such as a relaxing room to chill in and watch tv or a more formal room to entertain…or both?

Example: I love the farm house look. I like simple lines, and rustic. I want the living room to stay uncluttered. I like seeing the TV when I cook. I like having the kids near by and visible. We have kids and dogs and need floor space. I hate skirted furniture.

Next, consider what is staying, such as furniture pieces…..maybe a piano, desk or curio. Often people forget about the piano, or a wood sculpture that has been with your family forever and it has always been in that space. Sometimes we have a budget for everything, more often we only have a budget for what is broken and needed ASAP.

It sometimes very hard to get a finished look when you don't Finish the Look. That is why we are here though.

We talk about what is absolutely needed NOW. We talk about where you want the design to go and how we can use items within the space to finish the look until you are ready for the next phase. Quality is really important when you are working "long term" on a room project. You do not want the "NEW PIECE" you just purchased to look OLD within 6 months when you are ready to get the next pieces.

A to-scale drawing helps us understand and see what fits well!

This is the main step that many people skip….I might think a sofa is a sofa, but they can very in length from 72” to 105”……or the depth from 35” to 46”. Those variable sizes make a tremendous difference in what will fit a space well! Knowing the sizes that work well are key before selecting specific pieces! Our room may allow for several different combinations of pieces, so this is the step that allows us to look at options that will fit the space, your family and the function of the space and your family!

We look at focal points and function needs within the home.

Example: Your room has a fireplace. Do you want that to be the main focus? Do you want a TV over the fireplace? You mentioned that you wanted to see it from the kitchen. You need more seating, can we add a kitchen bar? Are you up for remodeling? Do you need floor space for the kids and the dogs? Are the kids little with LOTS of toys? Are your dogs little or big? Are there dog beds to consider? Do you like reclining furniture or not? Are there special pieces you dream of such as a Chaise or ottoman?

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