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Best Recliner

Updated: Apr 30

Looking for a new Recliner, let us tell you about a few key features that you should really have to make it the best recliner of your life. You will enjoy the sit and relaxation if you pick and purchase correctly to what fits you and your body's needs.

There are so many options to recliners. You can have the good old fashion manual. It can come as a rocker as a wall hugger. These are features that you may enjoy, such as movement or you may need because of your room size. A wall hugger moves away from the wall to save space within the room, therefore the recliner can be pushed closer to the walls to save center space of the room.

The next question is, do you want to add power to your recliner? You may worry that power is, "Just Another Thing To Go Wrong" but we rarely see issues with power motor systems. Actually seat cushion support stays longer when there is power, due to not repeatedly leaning over the chair edge to release the chair handle. That movement daily on a manual recliner will cause a seat cushion to wear more quickly causing the chair to lean towards the handle. You may not notice it in YOUR chair, because it is YOUR chair, but we see it often in manual recliners.

If you do add power to your recliner, you get much more. You have the option with power to adjust your foot and back position to any position, not just feet down, feet up or laying flat. If you only want your feet up 2 inches off the floor so you have soft knees, that is possible. If you want to lay almost flat, but not flat, that is possible too. Power can also give you adjustable lumbar where a back support bar rolls forward or back to give you the comfort you need. If you need a shallower seat, you will love the extra support of an adjustable lumbar. The chair may fit ok without it, but add the lumbar and you will find what you have been looking for.

Another amazing feature that power can provide is adjustable headrest. Wow! Just think about it, you are laying back in your chair. Your feet are up exactly where you want them. You have great back support. Netflix has just released the last season of your favorite show and now you can adjust your neck and head to be exactly where you want and need them to be for hours of enjoyment. Maybe you are not a show binging fan, but you like to read or be on your electronic device. Do you have bifocals? Do you need the screen or your book to be at just the right level? If so, the adjustable headrest will allow you to look with ease exactly where you want to with support. In all honestly you do not need to have power to have an adjustable headrest. Some chairs will function similar to your car seat. They will extend up and down to add height and bend forward and backwards to give your head and neck support.

Men always seen to like their head, the back of their head, above their ear line to best on the pillow of the recliner. Women like their neck to be supported. Often they don't want their head on the pillow at all. In the old days I would say it was because of the style of hairdos. It mainly comes down to how Men and Women's bodies are different and how our backs are formed and the support that is demanded due to those different shapes. An adjustable headrest will bend into the form your body needs. All of these changeable features can allow one chair to work for multiple individuals as well. There are lots of things to talk about outside of just having the recliner fit you. Yes, you need the chair width, chair depth and chair height to fit you, but you also need function to work for you. All of these functions will help you fit the chair, but will also make the chair fit your life. Enjoy each moment of life, don't let a second escape you.

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