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Carpet Variables Part2

Updated: Apr 30

Carpet yarns and how they Clean! Kathy from TriCity Furniture in Auburn is here to tell you more about carpet and the variables you should know. Last week we started our conversation learning about how there are variables in the yarns in carpets.

Along with the different ways carpet is woven, are there also different ways that they protect the fiber from stains?

Yes, basically, there are 3 ways…

  1. no protection, so it is just the yarn!

  2. A spray on protection called Stainmaster or WearDated, depending on the manufacturer of the spray.

  3. Stain resistant yarn.

Yarn with no protection.

That is just what it says. It probably is a nylon yarn, which has some resistance, but nothing has been added for extra protection. Yarns with the spray on protection

Those could be the same yarns as the unprotected, but the manufacturer gives it additional protection by adding a chemical spray to seal the fiber better! These work well, but keep in mind they are not part of the fiber, so with vacuuming and cleaning of carpets, this type product can wear off. Usually, these carpets come with a 10 year stain protection. Stain resistant yarns

These yarns are newer, and have great residency. They are like the nylon fiber that has the protection added, but it is actually the yarn which has closed dye spots, which doesn’t allow for the stain to penetrate into the fiber! These yarns will have lifetime stain guarantees because the protection is the yarn…nothing added! Thank you Kathy for teaching us about these changes in carpets and understanding stain protections. If you have questions, contact Kathy and her team here at TriCity Furniture. Thank you for watching DesignTime

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