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  • Kathy Kilbourn

Creating a Focal Point

What is the Main Focal point in a room?

Did we catch your curiosity on TV5 Thursday? Here is a little more info on how to set up your room when you tough focal points.

So what is the main focal point?

That seems pretty easy, as that is the thing that you focus the furniture around but it can be confusing! Many times it is the fireplace or TV, but it could be a unique piece of furniture as well! With the size of fireplaces in many homes today, it is hard not to use the fireplace as the focal point. They usually have contrasting texture from the other walls as well as a different color, and they can be wide and tall! With that large object in the room, you usually need work with it!

Focal Points in a Room

To figure out the best set up in a room, it is important to know what you want to do in a room so that the set up works with the use! Once the use is known, the needed pieces are evident! If it is a cozy sitting area, comfortable couches and chairs with ottomans will allow for the room to work! The room may be used just for entertaining guests, so then may require an upscale design for the pieces that are used. These pieces are generally firmer and allow you to sit up as compared to leaning back. The more formal room would use a coffee tables instead of a coffee ottoman!

Many formal rooms typically have lighter and whiter tones as compared to a relaxed room which many times uses more color! If you are using a fireplace as the focal point, and there is a tv in the same space, it works well to place the tv close to the fireplace so that furniture items like the sofa and chairs can be places to look towards both items. Many rooms now use the tv above the fireplace which makes it convenient to look at both items. With the size of the televisions today, you will need a larger wall to place the tv if it is used next to the fireplace. People use to put the tv on a stand in a corner but that has become more difficult as the tv’s are approaching 80″!

A piano, a Bookcase or a piece of art could also be focal points. These items will help determine the style or use of the room as well.

All rooms will have a focal point. Always look for that items that starts the character of the room. Work off that to establish the use. Bedrooms are for sleep, but could be an area of retreat, which offers a quiet space! A bathroom could be decorated like a spa!

Get creative and have some fun! If you need help setting up a room, give us a call or send an email! We will be glad to give you a hand!



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