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Do You Sleep Better in the Winter?

We now have entered  into the winter months…..and our daylight is much shorter than just a short time ago. Kathy, what effects does this extra darkness have on our bodies?

In the darker months of the year, our bodies feel much more sluggish.  That is due to less sun exposure which causes our serotonin levels to drop! These lower levels make us feel lazier and more tired.

So, that explains why people have less energy during these darker months?

Yes, in winter the days are shorter and night seems so long…which slows us down! This causes us to want to sleep longer!

That sounds a lot like how animals want to hibernate! Is that true for people as well?

Humans cannot actually hibernate, but in the coldest months of the year, we are drawn to something similar. We want to batten down the hatches against the cold winter weather outside and preserve our energy!  Therefore, we sleep more!

Winter is a time where more people definitely sleep more.  What else helps us to sleep better?

It is so important to have a mattress which supports your body.  Depending on the way you sleep, such as a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, different mattress support systems will give your body the best rest.  I always say you need support, but you don’t need it hard.  Make sure your mattress gives cushioning and doesn’t create pressure points.  That way, you will sleep better without tossing and turning especially in the winter when we tend to stay in bed longer!

Anything else important which helps us get better sleep?

  • It is also important to have the correct pillow for supporting your neck.  Each sleep position needs the correct style and thickness of pillow.

  • Temperature of a room does improve your sleep. It is best to sleep in a cooler room.  This decreases your body temperature  and naturally increases the sleep hormone melatonin.

There is a lot to think about in the winter months to help the body navigate through these darker times.

Yes, many of us want to pull the blankets over our heads and escape the winter.  It is important to….

  • seek out moments of sunlight

  • stay cooler when sleeping even when it is cold outside.

  • Take some extra Vitamin D

  • keep active

  • Get good restful sleep

These will help to boost our spirits and get us through those dark months!

Thank you Kathy for these tips on surviving the darker months ahead…..and thank you for watching DesignTime!

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