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European Furniture and Health Issues

If you have ever taken the time to try the furniture from Norwegian, you know that it demands relaxation. The design in it's support and built allows your body to rest and revive itself. European furniture is known also for it's sleek styles and generally high quality foams and leather…..but could there be a problem with this furniture? Let's talk about it....

European Furniture at Tri City Furniture

Inside their design they use cold fused foam to make a contoured style that is supportive, and not large or poofy. In most American made furniture, you will see a soft dacon foam used instead. Many people love the relaxer of the Norwegian Brands, where the footrest rises out of the base to allow you to laydown. Similar design as an American recliner. If you are 6'2" or shorter these will always seem to fit you well…..but if you are taller, these pieces in the past were not large or long enough for you...until now! YEA!

Chairs for Tall People at TriCity Furniture

Maybe you thought you had to use the "chair and ottoman" style of furniture, so your footrest could be pulled out and extended as far as needed for your longer leg, but that is not the case anymore.

The European people have often used the two piece set, because for the most part they are taller people, even though their styling has been smaller and more sleek. It is often admired around the world for it's clean lines.. It did typically sits lower to the floor, which could be a problem if you have a hard time getting up and out of a chair, but often people would sacrifice their function for a great look. Do not sacrifice anymore. There is a recliner that will fit you!

Most American manufacturers have found that in the US, we do not like the chair and ottoman set us as much as a true recliner. Americans prefer the chair to work as a recliner with a built in foot rest for most homes. So, what has been done to accommodate taller Americans so that these recliners fit them?

So Check this out....

Most European Furniture comes in multiple sizes, smaller, medium and large, but now, they are making an extra large medium, extra large large and a true XXL. These all offer a deeper seat, a higher seat off the floor and longer ottoman support for the taller person! It is perfect for taller induvial!

If you come in and try it, you may say "My feet are dangling!"

Yes, when you have longer legs though, it is essential to have a taller seat and also, a deeper seat to give your legs support and comfort. You need for your upper leg to go straight out and not angle downward or upwards.. If the seat is too low, it will not be comfortable for hours of sitting.

Also, with designing the chair seat higher for a higher seat height, they are able to have the footrest come out further for the leg length. In shorter styles, the footrest would hit the floor, but here there is extra height and length!

They can also be ordered as a lift chair, so if you need even extra leg length you can have more leg length by lifting the seat higher. It may seem as if the chair is hovering to most of us, but to someone who has extra extra long legs, the height of the seat to the ground is finally correct for their legs.

Most Europeans will buy leather because this quality lasts a long time and leather offers the longer life. But they do come in quite a few high quality fabrics as well. So you have some great options to fit into your room.

As power recliners, these are much easier to open and close the recliner units These chair also offers another feature which is so important. When a doctor says you need you feet up due to circulation issues, this chair does it correctly! Most recliners only come out straight, where this one offers increased height so your feet are as high as your heart which helps your circulation! This extra height helps to take stress off your heart by allowing gravity to help your blood flow!

Recliners for Tall People at Tri City Furniture

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