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European Stress-Free Chair

Updated: Apr 30

Here is a motto of one of our Norwegian Companies: "With knowledge about our needs for rest and movement, as well as for using technology, we design furniture that will make your everyday life better and easier. The functionality in our furniture is customized to suit your need for ergonomics and your body's needs for rest and movement. We transcend the barriers, and though the knowledge and expertise in design and functions, we challenge the possibilities in every part of the furniture. we have a clear goal when we design furniture. It is to Improve your living."

Who wouldn't want to sit in that a chair, sofa or recliner that has that much though put into it? I feel more relaxed just reading those statements. I want my life to be improved. I know the theory of allowing my body rest and relaxation, I will be more ready for the next task and next day! Why wouldn't I buy this furniture?

Resting Position

These recliners have continuous reclining of the back and provide comprehensive support that prevents tiredness in your legs and back. Your individual resting position is easily achieved by moving your body.

Active Release System™

All of our recliners have a unique, built-in mechanism, Active Release System, that automatically provides the best neck and back support. If desired, it can easily be adjusted by a single movement to further enhance your seating experience.

Adjustable neck support

Some of our chairs have height adjustable neck support with the built in Active Release System. Our models are designed to support your spine comfortably in the correct places and angle to create that personalized fit.

Different sizes

Most of our recliners are available in two or three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. New models have just been introduced though for the big and tall. On our showroom floor we now have

Medium Tall, Large Tall and Extra Large or Extra Large Lift. If you have knee pain when you sit down or stand up, or if your knees are always bent awkwardly, because the chair seat is too short for you. You should really come in and try these recliners. Some have telescoping headrests, others glide and swivel. They even have Zero Gravity so your feet and move higher than your heart for the best circulation possible!

Several different bases

Different bases contribute to distinguish the various models of our recliner collections. Some models are available in two base styles, others in one. Choose the one that suits your inner designer.

Reclining sofas

Based on our most popular swing relaxers, manual release headrest angle, making the seating experience ergonomic and gives your lower back correct support. “Wall Saver” mechanism stays closer to the wall and does not swivel or glide. Available in all our leathers and select fabrics, the Relax Collection Wall Saver series is available in chair, sofa and Home Cinema seating. Available only in motorized versions. Tables on sectional wedges are produced in laminated, stained wood which gives them an elegant character.

Comfort is not a luxury, it is essential to your health and general well-being! It’s important for your body to be truly comfortable; this means that the chair you choose needs to be more than just a soft place to sit.

Ergonomic comfort

An ergonomically correct chair will provide continuous support and comfort and this will prevent your legs and back from becoming tired. Such a chair will relax your body, enabling your blood to circulate more freely. As your back relaxes, your spine is gently supported in the right places and at the correct angle.

  1. Leather, textiles, sewing and upholstering Our long experience with complicated furniture products has provided us with important knowledge on how to optimize durability and comfort. Strict control and testing of leather and textiles, together with sewing and upholstering furniture is a very demanding and important craft.

  2. Active Release System™ A unique, integrated mechanism providing the best support for the neck. If desired, it can be adjusted further with a single movement in order to optimize your sitting experience.

  3. Springs in the back and seat optimize comfort In addition to cold cure moulded foam in the seat and back, we also use springs that further enhance comfort.

  4. Steel back and seat design Our main steel structures are constructed and produced in a manner that satisfies our strict quality requirements.

  5. Seat and back with Dacron fibres In order to provide the back and seat elements with extra softness and improved comfort, a carefully adapted layer of Dacron fibre is inserted between the upholstery and foam. Certain models have more or less than others in order to optimize design and comfort.

  6. Gliding steel mountings The unique gliding mountings that are built-in to our chairs and sofa provide the best individual resting position, because the weight of the body determines the position.

  7. Cold cure moulded foam in back, seat, armrest and footstool When moulding polyurethane foam, which we usually use, the foam is moulded in casts that have the exact shape of the product. There are considerable differences between block foam and moulded cold cure foam when it comes to the durability of its physical appearance. Block foam tends to lose its suppleness after a few years of everyday use. This makes it softer as time passes. Cast moulded cold cure foam retains its suppleness longer than block moulded foam.

  8. Laminated wooden bases Laminated wooden elements are selected for several of our bases because they provide durability and comfort. They also enable many exiting design opportunities. Today Fjords are proud to be a part of this unique, traditional craft. Wood remains an important material in the development of tomorrow’s furniture. All colours are stained and lacquered.

  9. Bases These bases form design and function to go hand in hand. Our customers are therefore able to choose between alternative bases.

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