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European vs American Recliners Part 1

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Shopping for a new recliner? Have you been looking around at local furniture stores or online? What is the deal with the stress less furniture? What is the benefit of it being made in Norway? Are Lazyboys made the same as they use to be?

Find out all this and more from Kathy Kilbourn of Tri City Furniture on the Next Design Time.

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Dates Applied by Manufacture

Ron Fahrner, Kathy's Dad and Krista's Grandpa started here at Tri City Furniture in 1957. Kathy has been involved with the furniture business over 45 years. Krista grew up cleaning the store, going to house calls with Kathy and always going to furniture market even at a very young age.

We have seen a lot of changes during these years. One of those items that have changed is the recliner.

The main difference we see is in the scale of the furniture and the recliners. Americans tend to have larger homes with larger rooms, so manufacturers tend to make furniture larger and more poufy. American manufactures try to keep scale in mind, but many options are still large. China import companies are always overstuffed and built very large.

European homes are smaller and with more open space that they enjoy. We see smaller scale furniture pieces designed by they Europeans. Chairs and ottomans have a very distinctive differences than recliner that have a footrest that comes out of the chair base. There are many ways to get your feet up. Let's talk about it.

Using a chair and ottoman will help get your feet up at the proper support because you can pull the ottoman out to the length of your legs. Many Europeans have longer legs so the benefit of the ottoman is that you can move it in closer or out farther to get more perfect support for your legs. With the American recliner style, you are bound by the seat height and depth as to how far out the ottoman support can go. If you are tall, you probably have encountered the situation of your feet hanging off the footrest too far. It is hard to find a small recliner that accommodate long legs. You need a tall base, and a tall back, but often chairs get larger/wider once they get taller to have equal proportions. The European designs are simply taller, higher but still narrow in width.

The proper fit for a recliner is where your ankle sits off the footrest. So, yes, your heel does hang off. That is what recliner companies expect and design recliners to do. If you want your heel and complete foot to sit on the footrest then you would be better to use an ottoman. This works great for long legs,

Many induvial who have short legs do enjoy an ottoman as well. They may want better support on their calf muscles. They may want there legs lifted slightly higher. Many ottomans can do both. Pull it in closer for support or raise the hardware underneath to the higher level for better circulation.

Remember, not every chair fits every person. Chairs are like shoes. Not everyone in your family and your friends can wear your shoes. So is the same for furniture. Buy what fits you! Come in to Tri City Furniture and we will be happy to show you options that fit you best!

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