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Filling a Smaller Space

Updated: Apr 30

Welcome to Design Time! Kathy from TriCity Furniture has a topic which many people probably have a situation with. How to fill smaller room! Many people find it difficult to find smaller furniture pieces ?

It can be….Today so many homes have larger rooms, so deciding on what furniture pieces work best can be easy, because you have lots of space to work with! But if your room is smaller, it can be difficult to find pieces that fit the space as well as meet the needs of your family.

So what do you do if you have that smaller space?

To fit a smaller space, it is important not to waste the inches you have. When you put in several pieces, such as a couple of chairs and an end table, you have the actual widths of each piece, plus the couple of inches between. The spaces between are lost inches. Consolidating seats into a larger piece will take less space because you have less arms. A loveseat will be shorter in length compared to two chairs because you have only 2 arms compared to 4, but also there are no loss of inches between the pieces!

That makes sense….what else can help to save inches?

Looking at the arm styles will also vary the piece size. Arm widths come in every width from 3”- 12”. Arms can make a big difference so choose wisely! Chairs have similar seat widths, but can have many different arm styles. Overall width might go from 46” wide down to 29” just because of the arm style! That is a lot of difference!

What about using a sofa or sectional?

Many times a small sectional will work well in a room with limited space. The smallest sectional would be 70” in one direction and 90” in the other. That actually takes less space than a loveseat and a chair. Because it goes around a corner, it appears much smaller as well. It uses your precious inches efficiently and doesn’t waste! Using less pieces also makes a room look less crowded.

Is it important to consider the size of your accent pieces, like end tables?

Yes, a narrow end table of just 10” in width might fit better than a standard table that is 21-24” wide. Keep in mind, American made products today come in many sizes as these manufacturers understand American homes. Imports typically are larger and oversized!

How do you determine the set up of a smaller room?

Setting up your room may have several obstacles, such as a fireplace, size of the TV, doorways and windows. There is furniture to fit every space. It is a matter of finding the right pieces that fit as well as offer comfort! Doing a floor plan helps to see what will work without moving things over and over, or save you from making a mistake and purchasing something too large! Furniture in a store does not look as large as it will in a small room so always measure!

Why are so many pieces large, since there are many small homes?

A lot of furniture today is made large to fit the big homes, more than the smaller rooms many people have! I think it has to do with so many of the pieces are imports and they tend to be the larger scale!

If you look at American made products, a lot of it is smaller because they understand home sizes….and not everyone has a huge space!

Thank you Kathy for giving us a few hints on how to better fit a smaller space!

Thank you for watching DesignTime today!

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