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Foam Cushion Backs

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Watch this episode of Design Time to learn more from Kathy at Tri City Furniture about your sofa, chair or sectional backs. There are a lot of details that maybe we don't know enough about. A cushion is a very important part of the furniture. Having a foam back vs a Dacron fluff back may be the better choice for your family.

There are many different furniture backs:

Stationary Tight back - the fabric is pulled tight around the top of the frame down to the seat Often there is a foam that gives a sofa back shape smooth and angled. Most high quality companies use a molded high density foam that is designed to keep shape longer. This foam holds it shape vs Dacron fluff that needs to be re-fluffed. If you have a cat who sits on the sofa back, a Molded foam back would be a better choice for you. If you have a house guest who always has there arm up on the sofa back, this would be a better choice for you.

High Density foam is more of a Specialty foam. Often it is referred to as HD foam. Some think of it as "pre- shrunk jeans" the foam has been designed to not crush down and shrink on you with use. This allows for more comfort for a longer time.

Reclining Tight back- The fabric is pulled around the back of the recliner and attached to seat. The back is normally a softer material such as a Dacron fluff. Some company allow you access into the back area easily to re-fluff and situate. Dacron will always settle and pack down.. It is all still inside the seat back, but it has been pushed down and compacted so you loose some comfort.

Tufted back- similar to the stationary tight back, but with a consistent button system that keeps shape and design in the back properly. Often this style is a lower back where your arm my lay along the back. Having the buttons allows the design to last.

Pillow back attached/ semi attached- this design looks like a pillow sitting against that back of the sofa. You often sit more into this cushion. It can be more of a barrel back feel. There can be many different designs of the back pillow such as square corners vs rounded or double welting vs one. Attached means that the pillow can not be removed from the sofa. You may be able to take the inside bagged foam out of the outside fabric casing, but I would always check on that before buying new furniture. Some furniture is made for longevity allowing you to do normal care on your furniture, such as fluffing or rotating your cushions, but there is other furniture that does not allow for any adjustments and is expected to be replaced if there is an issue. Opening the casing and removing the bagged fluff and switching the most sat in back cushions with the non sat in cushions will help keep even wear of your sofa to give longest comfort.

Pillow back loose- these cushions again look like a pillow on the sofa back, but they can be removed. Often you may desire this if you use the sofa as a bed often. Taking the back cushion off will give you about 5 extra inches of space to lay down with. Flipping and rotating seat cushions will also help with longevity of wear. Here you just flip the whole cushion and do not have to unzip and take the inside out. A down side too loose cushions is that they move, so you may be adjusting them more often to have a "perfect" look.

Scattered back- is a very firm pulled tight back with lots of pillows sitting in front allowing for the proper back support. You may have 7-10 large pillows on this style of sofa vs only 3 standard cushions.

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