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Full Mattress vs Queen Mattress

Many people come in and ask about a full size mattress vs a queen mattress. Often it is about trying to save some money, because a full size compared to a queen size is slightly cheaper. Yes, a full mattress is a lower cost, but you may be giving up more than you expected doing the smaller size.

Let's just talk sizes first.

A full size mattress is 53" x 74

A queen size mattress is 60" x 80

So, if a single person is laying on this full size mattress the 6 extra inches may not really matter. If you are taller though, you may really enjoy the taller queen size. A full size mattress is 74" tall, which would be 6 feet. If you are taller, you may be use to sleeping with your feet hanging off the bed or always sleeping on an angle- corner to corner.

If two people are sleeping on the full size mattress together, I will promise you that they will appreciate those 6 extra inches even after the honeymoon is over.

Think of it this way, you have more room left to right on a crib mattress than you do on a full mattress with someone else. It is a small space.

If the room you are putting the mattress is very small and narrow, then maybe you need those extra 6 inches. Please note that often other "add ons" for a full size bed, such as pillows, sheets, protects, frame, are often more expensive than for a queen. This is due to a queen size now being considered standard.

If you are looking for an adjustable base to raise your head and feet on a full size mattress they are available.

Please keep in mind though that when most adjustable bases rise they move in. Therefore that 74" bed may shirk to 68" or less if you are sitting up in bed. If you are at the edge of the full mattress before using the adjustable base, then your feet or head will be hanging off once you are seating within the bed.

Things to think about. We want you to be happy with your purchase. Sleep is so important that you need to make sure to get the size portion of the choice correct.

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