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Furniture information on the Internet

Updated: May 30

Can you believe it? Today there is so much information, that is valuable, and right at your fingertips! There seems to be information about everything! Kathy, when researching about furniture, can you believe what you read on the internet?

If you are just looking generically for something like, best sofas, you will come across many sites that will talk about sofas, but their aim is to sell you “their” sofa!  This is especially evident when you might ask, what sofa is the best!  They may have 10 different ones, and generally speaking, they are all manufacturers that sell on the internet only!

That seems like you would be taking a big chance on what you might get, because you cannot sit on it!

Absolutely!  These manufacturers are usually not in stores for you to try.  They are available in just a couple fabrics choices.  Biggest issue is you really don’t know what the guts of the frame or quality of the foams will be!  And, I might add, generally, these are not low cost!  I look at these sites often, and they usually are $1500 and many are much higher.

Usually, you think that purchasing online should be the cheaper way to go, correct?

That is what they have gotten you to think….and there are a lot of items which might be a low cost. BUT, furniture is different due to its size and the shipping! If you thing the shipping on a sofa is free, you are wrong!  Sofas can have freight from $150-$300, depending on where it is shipped from!  A light weight package such as a shirt, might have free shipping. The cost would be lower, but still keep in mind that it is in the cost somewhere! 

Free doesn’t exist today!

Is there any way to really know the quality that you are buying online?

It is pretty difficult.  Usually, the American manufacturers do not sell direct online, so you are just purchasing from a store that is somewhere in the US.  They may tell you about the quality, but a lot of their products are not brand names. So, you are right back to the major problem of, what am I really buying!

So if you cannot sit on it, or see the fabric, or know the quality, how do you know if it is a good price?

That is my question also!  You are going to have to take someone or someplace’s  word for it!  And if you believe it is half off, or 80% of, beware!  These companies HAVE TO MAKE MONEY!  

What happens if it comes and you don’t like it or there is a problem?

Some of the companies will work out a return, of which you are usually liable for the cost.  Some will have you donate it!  At any rate, you cannot talk directly to a person to resolve it!  Everything is done by internet!  There are many of these internet companies that have not made a profit yet.  They sustain by new orders coming, but one day, they will just disappear!  And that has happened!  Then, you have nothing!

What happens if you have a quality issue, and the piece came with a warranty? Who helps you?Generally you need to go back to the online company.  Local service is not available, and again, you may not be able to find the manufacturer as lots of the furniture is private labeled for that reason!

Sounds like purchasing furniture online is much more difficult than it is worth!

I agree, especially due to the service issues that might occur….but not getting a lower price to begin with, doesn’t make any sense at all!

Thank you Kathy for helping us understand better about online furniture purchases, and the issues you might incur!

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