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Furniture Warranties

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

We have different expectations for different products. You don't expect your fast food burger to look as good as the $10 burger from the local pub. We all know when we unwrap that wax paper in the car, we will not be looking at a perfect sesame seed bun with just the right about of ketchup dripping off it.

Furniture comes in different quality levels too and with that, they have different warranties.

I believe that there is some saying about, "a product is only as good as the company that stands behind it..." We know this to be true, because when you call us needing a new power supply due to the dog chewing on it, we want to be able to help. If the product that you purchased does not support it's stores with parts and service then there is no way for us to help you. This is often seen with import companies. There are no parts. There are no 800 numbers to call. There are no service techs. So with that in mind, a warranty may be an important question for you to ask about.

. Following is a typical American Made Furniture Warranty. Please note that there are terms that the owner must do to keep and honor the warranty.


Our frames are constructed of kiln-dried and engineered hardwoods, featuring state of the art interlocking design for maximum durability. Each frame is guaranteed against warp, breakdown or instability for the LIMITED LIFE of the frame as upholstered in the original fabric.

Springs Spring construction and all support of backs and seats, exclusive of cushions, is guaranteed against breaking or significant slippage for LIMITED LIFE under normal stress.

Seat Cushions All cushions are warranted as LIMITED LIFE. Frequent turning and fluffing will extend the life of all cushions and fabrics. In the rare incidence that your cushion(s) needs to be replaced, you must supply the original Temple Furniture invoice number. Our warranty is valid only if the furniture has received normal usage and has not been subjected to abuse. Cushion warranty is for the loss of cushion resiliency and not normal flattening or softening of cushions. Softening and flattening of cushions occur with foam and fibers as a result of regular use and aging and should not be considered manufacturing defects. Temple is not liable for freight charges to ship replacement cushions.

Fabric We offer a full ONE YEAR warranty (starting from the date the order ships from Temple) against wear under normal use and with proper care. This warranty does not cover fading or pilling, which sometimes occurs with normal use of some fabrics and is not valid where there is evidence of heavy soiling. We reserve the right to replace the portion of fabric that is defective. All claims, within warranty, will be submitted to the fabric mill for evaluation. We will warranty only if the mill states that there is an actual fabric defect. Fabric manufacturers will not honor warranties if evidence that the furniture was exposed to a pet, therefore voiding our fabric warranty. Pets are abrasive to fabric and should not be allowed on your furniture. The fabric warranty is null and void if improperly cleaned. Care of the fabric is important. Cleaning by a professional furniture cleaning service only is recommended for all our fabrics. To prevent overall soil, frequent vacuuming or light brushing to remove dust and grime is also suggested. It is imperative that the seat cushions be turned twice monthly to get maximum wear from both the fabric and the cushioning.

Please be advised that treatment of the fabric with any kind of stain repellant, or any after market chemical treatment voids our fabric warranty.








1.All warranty action must be pursued through an authorized Temple dealer, preferably the dealer of original purchase and is in effect only as long as the furniture is upholstered in its original fabric. 2.When a problem occurs, we reserve the right to determine if repairs should be made locally, or if the piece should be returned to our factory for correction. 3.Temple reserves the right to have our sales representative make a preliminary inspection, at the dealer's store or the customer's home to determine that a problem exists before a return is authorized. 4.Temple will absorb the cost of returning the furniture from the dealer to the factory. The furniture will be returned to the dealer FREIGHT COLLECT after the repairs are made. Temple is not liable for freight charges to ship replacement parts. 5.The warranty is valid only if the furniture has received normal usage and has not been subjected to abuse.

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